Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Growth Chart For A Fisherman-Woman's Son!

This one is mostly just a picture post!

Well maybe a little bit of text.....1/4 inch MDF cut to  5" x  64"

Totem is now Rona who will hopefully still sell "oops" paint

Mixed the cheap blue paint with a bit of white to make wave and bubbles.

Drew some sea creatures down the side.

Filled the drawings in with paint and used a felt marker to make lines at every inch.

I stenciled numbers from 2 feet to  6 feet and marked the inch increments with a felt pen.

This will be hung on a wall at two feet where the stenciled 2 foot mark is made.

Sorry for the crappy photos.  This was a rushed project that went out the door as I was taking the last photo, so there were no retakes.

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