Saturday, August 24, 2013

Building a Greenhouse From Recycled Materials - Part Two

And let the sunshine in!

If you would like to see part one of the greenhouse structure CLICK HERE.  It shows how we recycled two old falling apart car tents into a frame. 
Framing the door was quite easy.  Notice the little pepper plants already in their new home?  The bottom brace on the door where the arrow points on the right is temporary.

Door frame is attached using aluminum.  We had some aluminum pieces in our scrap pile and cut it into strips, drilled holes big enough for screws to go into the wood and a bolt into the metal tubing of the greenhouse frame

Wood is all given a coat of white exterior paint.

Recycling a steel door is a lot of work!  But totally worth it.  We saved it from the landfill!

Wooden frame is cut out of a sheet of OSB and thoroughly covered with white paint.
Wood is attached using bolts.  We drilled through the wood and metal frame, put bolts through the wood into the metal frame and secured on the inside with nuts and washers.

Door hinge area is chiseled out.

Door attached,  View from inside.
Even the door latch was recycled.

OSB is also painted on the outside now.

Wrapped in plastic.  This stuff is so tough you have to cut it with an olfa knife.  It wont tear!   We bought our plastic from Northern Greenhouse. 
We haven't put a fan in yet and will wait until  the industrial fans come on sale.  Vent door to the left and full sized door to the right, are opened every morning.  Seems to provide enough ventilation for now.

We secured the plastic using plywood strips that were ripped from a four by eight sheet. 
 We cut the strips at 1-1/2 inches, routed all the edges and pulled tight to keep the friction to a minimum.  Plastic was wrapped around the strips and screwed to the wooden foundation, the shed and the OSB on the front of the greenhouse.

We have had the greenhouse up and running for two weeks now.  Just took me this long to edit and post.  The tomatoes and peppers have improved so much since being brought into the greenhouse.  Next year will be even better.

Strings attached to rebar in pots tied to the frame of the greenhouse in hopes of copious amounts of tomato production!  We  can only  hope !

Our watering system.  We collect water in a large tank from the garage roof, and pump it into barrels.  Hopefully this water will heat up in the daytime and add a bit of heat into the cold fall nights.  The white barrel stores water with added fertilizer.  We can fertilize all the plants once a week.  We may paint all the barrels black!

A pathetic little cherry tomato, purchased from the (HELP ME!! NOBODY GIVES ME WATER  clearance rack ) has finally started to smile :)

Bought a spiffy new thermometer. 

A late start for this year.   We've eaten lots of baby red peppers and cherry tomatoes and  have used many of the herbs for cooking.  We also planted a zucchini in the ground to keep it frost free and perhaps with any luck,  we can eat zucchinis into late fall.  I feel healthier just looking at all these veggies!