Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Bathroom Curtains

Happy Spring!!!!

A few meters of Ikea fabric.  

I bought these grommets for a buck a pack!

Template on back of clever!

I taped a string across the center to keep it lined up on the fabric

Placed the string on my mark... and the edge of the template with the edge of the fabric.

Used a sharpie to mark my circles...

And start cutting!

Grommet half inserted

Just push the two together.  They snap closed.  So easy!

My pretty "Wild and In Your Face" shower curtains!  Really adds a punch of color to my fairly neutral room.

My obsession with hand towels.

Another one.

Some things stay the same like the poop spray!

Mothers Day Picture!
Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms and especially to my  Mom!!


  1. Same to you! Awesome wild color pop in that bathroom! Love the grommet kit and the cost!

  2. So fun! Who doesn't love IKEA? Just wish I was patient enough to sew lol

  3. Happy Mothers Day! I love the shower curtains, awesome pattern. Gotta love Ikea

  4. Love those -- I'm a real "color" person, so I think this splash of bright and fun is perfect! I really like the grommet look across the top.

    Sweet baby owls! Our local Lowe's store had a family in their garden center. I guess the mom has been using the same location for several years.

  5. These are such happy curtains, love this color and print! The owl picture is so appropriate and sweet with the baby and mama owls! Hope you had a great mothers day.

  6. Oh wow, I love, "In your face!" Those are wonderful. Polka dots are so happy! I would LOVE to be able make something like this!!! Just amazing!

  7. I love them, I have a project coming up and you'll understand how much I mean that! I love those grommet things, I just saw a packet at my mums this morning, have o get some!

  8. That curtain DIY is fab!

    Win two Angelica nail polishes of your choice in my international giveaway :-)

  9. I love grommets, I've seen those packages at my local fabric store, they weren't that cheap though, but for some reason I thought they were not of good quality! You've changed my mind, I might give them a try someday! The fabric is very pretty!

  10. Polka dots make any room the place you want to be ^_^. I never knew grommets were that easy to do...will have to try it art room needs some new curtains!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!


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