Tuesday, June 4, 2013


No, I didn't just get out of jail.  I got a free soon to be night table, .  While working, I happened to peer into the dumpster on-site,  and saw this.

  With my heart racing and  palms sweaty, I literally dove for this beauty.  She was a vanity for a bathroom in her past life (damaged store display).    With no drawer in the bottom, and no top,  I dragged it out while shouting  "I can't believe this. I wanted something with curves."  Yes the men thought I had gone to the other side, but quickly understood when I hung it over the edge of the dumpster for them to catch.  Too cool.  I also grabbed some throw away paint from the job site.  Not too sure what my paint vision for this project will be.......stay tuned!
Days like this are sweet!!