Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Free Nightstand Makeover

Well here she is in all her glory.
You can check out the before pics  Here! & Here!

Overall I am fairly happy with it.  Was it worth diving in a dumpster.....Heck Yah!

Painted the inside a coral pink (but because I had to use my flash it shows more bubblegum pink).

and cuz yah, I totally got it for $0.49.  

I covered a piece of heavy cardboard in wallpaper to attach to the back.

The crack in all its glory.

The crack repaired with a two part epoxy.

I love the grain of the veneer.  I rubbed the entire piece down with carnauba wax to seal the wood.

The concrete top with two coats of sealer.

A quick look before my funky knobs.

My funky knobs.

Not sure if I will make a basket for the bottom or just call it a day.
  Think I'll live with it for a month or so and see how it works.

  I was also thinking of painting the entire length of the legs in a checkerboard pattern similar in color to
 the knobs.  
  Any thoughts?

  Next up will be the new night stand for Hubby's side,
 but first, a porch makeover happened, and I was there for the whole thing!
As always