Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Free Nightstand Makeover

Well here she is in all her glory.
You can check out the before pics  Here! & Here!

Overall I am fairly happy with it.  Was it worth diving in a dumpster.....Heck Yah!

Painted the inside a coral pink (but because I had to use my flash it shows more bubblegum pink).

and cuz yah, I totally got it for $0.49.  

I covered a piece of heavy cardboard in wallpaper to attach to the back.

The crack in all its glory.

The crack repaired with a two part epoxy.

I love the grain of the veneer.  I rubbed the entire piece down with carnauba wax to seal the wood.

The concrete top with two coats of sealer.

A quick look before my funky knobs.

My funky knobs.

Not sure if I will make a basket for the bottom or just call it a day.
  Think I'll live with it for a month or so and see how it works.

  I was also thinking of painting the entire length of the legs in a checkerboard pattern similar in color to
 the knobs.  
  Any thoughts?

  Next up will be the new night stand for Hubby's side,
 but first, a porch makeover happened, and I was there for the whole thing!
As always


  1. I love it! Nicely done! Those knobs are fabulous. I think either way, painting or just letting the sides be, work. I like the idea of a basket on the bottom shelf, but I am kind of a basket junkie myself.

  2. I'm loving the pink inside of the cabinet and the rounded front. Totally worth pulling it out of the dumpster.

    Visiting from the Aloha Friday Blog hop and am a new follower, pop by and visit sometime.

    Have a good weekend,

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  3. I LOVE it! The counter, those knobs, the pink...beautiful! I love it like that, maybe a basket later on. Awesome job!

  4. Gorgeous wood veneer, awesome concrete top, cool knobs, bright paint- what more can you ask for in a piece of furniture?! Love it!


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