Friday, June 21, 2013

A Cobblestone Path

Years ago, my Mom purchased a mold for creating cobblestone paths.  One of my genius sisters did something unique with it that I will share, soon.
 What I did with it, was what the manufacturer intended it for;  a cobblestone path.  This was just a test area, as we are thinking of making an outdoor patio area someday.  We had some left over ready-mix from one of our construction projects; six bags worth.
  Our test path isn't complete yet, but I thought I would share pics of it in the making!

This is where the path will be.  We leveled the site fairly well.  I mean I didn't get a level out, or anything as technical as that, just enough so the mold would sit flush against the ground.   I mean who does that anyways?  

The mixer...

The pouring bucket.

The mixer in action

Hubby screeding the first block
Waiting for the first block to set.  Only takes a few minutes before you pull the mold off.  The gloves to the left are what I used to push the concrete into the corners.  You could use a trowel, but I like to be hands on....I mean gloves on!

Second block done.  The maker of the mold engineered this thing to accept one bag of ready-mix per block.  Genius!  Our path will be six blocks worth.  Not a long path, but definitely a needed path.

It started to rain as we were mixing the third bag, and because we don't have an eavestrough on the garage, a steady drip was falling on one of our "cobbles"  I quickly leaned a sheet of styrofoam against the tree to save this poor little cobble from certain demise. 

And now we hurry up and wait :(
  That's always so hard for me!