Friday, June 7, 2013

Bedside Table Concrete Top

Here's a quick update.
Because I am inpatient, and a few other because's....I have a big a$$ crack on the corner of my pour.  Luckily for me, this crack will be covered from the side of the end table.

To see part one of the Bedside Table click HERE!
The pour

The crack and the chipping from my impatience.  Just couldn't leave it in the mold like I should have.

Ready for the grinding.

I put a Mountain Ash leaf in my concrete.

No it's not big bird....It's me in hubby's grinding gear.  This grind was all mine.  He got the title of "Waterboy" for this  project.

Now to let it dry.  

That darn crack.  Well at least it didn't break apart during the grinding process.  No worries though.  I will fill it with a two part epoxy, seal it, and call it a bedside table top!


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