Monday, June 17, 2013

Porch Makeover

This was my porch...

It was okay, but I felt with all the visible coats and shoes scattered about, it was junky and cluttered.

This is my porch during...
Sorry for some of the poor quality pics; phone camera
My sister and I decided to spend two days at each others house and be their helper.  For her turn at my house, we built two of these tall cabinets.  I was grateful for the team work as these succers were heavy!  She did most of the painting on the insides too.....not my favorite thing to do!  

I bought these two corbels from the Re-Store a few years ago.  They were marked $5.00 each but the day that I was there, all of the moldings were 50% off!!   The hoarder in me knew I would need them.  Thanks hoarder in me!!

Same thing for unit two.

You get a better sense of the added sides in this pic.  Both units are in!

I repurposed the old shelf, thus all the wood filler.

Installation of cornice moldings and corbels.

Building of the bench.  No worries of this baby collapsing :)

Ran out of plywood for the bench top, but I was able to scrounge some exterior ply from our building leftovers. Thus the two different finishes of the top.  I biscuit joined a two inch strip of solid oak to the front edge and intended to sew a cushion for the top to cover the plywood.  After it was all stained, I decided I liked it the way it was.  Front legs are being assembled in the picture.

Bench top is removed for staining and  a coat of white paint was applied to everything else.

The finishing touches; installing the trim!

The now pictures!
These were another hoarding deal.   I paid under $3.00 for these monster hooks many years ago and used them in my old closet.  As I have been working on a new closet, I  was able to re-purpose them to the porch!  And yes....Candy does fix EVERYTHING!!!!!

Yes!  I even built the doors.  They were probably the easiest thing about the whole project.  Sorry no pics.   

I used beadboard wallpaper above the bench.  I will still have to paint this.  I am hoping it will hold up to the abuse of the front entrance.  I bought it at Lowes, and I am not sure of the quality as it tore pretty easily during installation.

By the way, if you are wondering where all the coats went, I installed three hooks in each unit.  Now we can cram all of our outerwear in there!  

I am so happy for this new build.  THANKS to my sister, who helped me build both of the side units!

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