Tuesday, June 4, 2013


No, I didn't just get out of jail.  I got a free soon to be night table, .  While working, I happened to peer into the dumpster on-site,  and saw this.

  With my heart racing and  palms sweaty, I literally dove for this beauty.  She was a vanity for a bathroom in her past life (damaged store display).    With no drawer in the bottom, and no top,  I dragged it out while shouting  "I can't believe this. I wanted something with curves."  Yes the men thought I had gone to the other side, but quickly understood when I hung it over the edge of the dumpster for them to catch.  Too cool.  I also grabbed some throw away paint from the job site.  Not too sure what my paint vision for this project will be.......stay tuned!
Days like this are sweet!!


  1. bahahaha, just as well you cleared that up. She's pretty and curvy can'y wait to see what she looks like once you have your way with her!

  2. Wow! That's a great find! I would have taken a dive for her too! The possibilities are endless with that beauty! Keep us posted.

  3. Hahaha The things we do for good stuff! Can't wait to see how you transform it!

  4. Ooh, she has potential, can't wait to see what you do with it! I love a good find like this!

  5. That is an amazing find! I can't wait to see the finished product!


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