Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Gaming Race Seat Built Mostly From Recycled Material!!

We are probably a little old for this kinda stuff; well at least that's what the staff at the computer store figures when we go in for parts.  They ask if it's for your kids, and we tell them that it's for us.
   Then they giggle, sometimes an outright laugh, and say, "Cool". 
Hubby's birthday is just around the corner and a certain racing wheel he's been eyeing up, came on sale.  I jumped all over that and "raced" to the store for the big purchase,  along with a new video card! 
  Then I "raced" home to give it to him early. 
 This is what he "raced" to do.....
He gathered a seat from an old car, and used an office divider stripped of all its dividing stuff, for the frame.

We shimmed the seat up with scrap lumber to a suitable height  This actually took a long time to get it just right.

An old bed frame was salvage for it's angle iron.

Hubby. being a bit of a fabricating man started cutting and grinding and fitting up his parts.

Then he started welding!  I offered to do this for him but he's a hands on kinda guy.  Plus I think he wants the seat to stay in an upright position when he sits on it.

All tacked up.

Fabbing up the steering wheel support.

Cutting wooden supports for the Wheel, Shifter, and Foot Pedals.

A trial fit before the final welding.

Final  welding....and wiping needed.

Paint goes on the supports.

Frame was sprayed with a gloss black.

I think Ferrari Red helps with speed.

Ready to go.  Just need the computer and screen.  BTW, this seat is adjustable!  Even I can reach the foot pedals.

Happy early early Birthday Hubby!  
Cheers to many races won!
Now I am off to get him something for his "birthday" day!


  1. Well, I think those kids at the computer store would be adding a few more descriptive words if they saw this! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  2. You're never too old to do what you love to do, and this is a gamer's dream come true! :) Great job and so creative to have built this from scratch with the materials used. Has he used it yet? He must have had so much fun. Happy Birthday to Mr. Feral Turtle! Sharon

  3. Happy birthday Mr. FT, my husband would kill for that, he's a huge gamer..so are the boys but they annoy me LOL. Fantastic!

  4. Wow, that's nice! I just showed it to my son and that's what he said :) You two can build anything! Happy Birthday to Mr. FT!

  5. Wow! You guys are some serious gamers!! Should I tell you that I've never even played pac man??? I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's true. Now I feel old.

  6. How amazing - oh God - that's the last thing I'd need John to have- he'd never get off that LOL
    Great job!

  7. Hi Karen,

    This is one of the cooooleeest DIY projects you guys did! Happy Birthday to Mr. Feral Turtle. My hubby and inlaws are also gamers but not the serious type but this project blew them away! This is really awesome Mr. and Mrs. FT!


  8. How cool is that!? I am sure the kids at the game store would be super jealous of that new seat! I am, and I'm not even a gamer lol.

    Oh, and I am on your email list now too :)

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