Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Quaint Cobblestone Path

Read Part One Of The Cobblestone Path here.

Part one left us with plastic covering the path.  It sat for a week curing under perfect conditions.  Moist and not too hot.

Ta Da.

I filled the cracks in with some topsoil.  It looked okay but I remembered my mom telling me about a mixture, using buttermilk and moss to encourage new moss to grow.  Of course I headed to Google to find the recipe and happened upon good old Martha Stewart!
Martha's recipe here!
She used beer in her recipe, and with hubbys beer making hobby, I have an endless supply.  You know what they say, "If life gives you beer, make moss"....or maybe it was something to do with lemons, but regardless, I had beer on hand.

These are little pellets that you add water to, soak and they swell up and retain moisture.  I am told you can buy them at the dollar store for filling vases.  I bought mine at a liquidation store a few years ago.

Honestly, I didn't get this from a cow!

In the shade, and with a daily dose of water, there sits quietly, the turtle growing moss.
  After reading the recipe again and discovering that I was away the day I read
 "Mist regularly for two to three months", (which I kindly highlighted for you all,)  my impatience kicked in.   I picked up a couple of scotch moss plants, divided them up and plunked them in!

A fern thrown into the mix.  Hopefully it will spread and create a border along the path!

Moss Milkshake
"The moss milkshake, or fragmentation method of planting, takes a bit more patience. To create a moss milkshake, mix together pre-shredded moss, gel powder, and buttermilk powder or beer with a few cups of room temperature, non-chlorinated water in a pail. Keep in mind that this mixture is not a perfect science, and you should play with the ingredient amounts. Let stand for five to 10 minutes, and then smear the mixture over soil. Mist regularly for two to three months or until the moss fragments begin growing together. Fragments of the moss may turn tan, but don't give up: keep the moss moist until new growth appears."

  I am hopeful that it will spread into the cracks and fill in my little cobblestone path this season, but I am sure it will take a few years, so now I must
hurry up and wait :(

Cheers :)

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  1. What a beautiful job!!!
    I don't think it'll take years for the moss to fill in either -
    Looks magical already :)

  2. Wow that's fantastic! The moss doesn't take too long does it, it will look even more amazing when it comes up

  3. It looks wonderful! I LOVE it! I like the idea of moss filling in the cracks too. Waiting is definitely the hardest part!

  4. That pathway already looks fantastic! I had no idea of that way of making moss, I need to pin it, b/c I think I already know where to use it. Thanks Karen, awesome job!

  5. Wow, your cobblestone path is charming!

  6. I love your cobblestone path! Turned out great!! Moss sounds like a perfect plan. First...what is gel powder??? Second...I tried to make moss in Montana..totally trashed my blender!! Guess I should have read Martha's instructions!!!

  7. It looks great, and I got a kick out of your description of the moss making process!!

  8. I think the cobblestone path looks amazing and will be truly beautiful when your moss and fern fill in! You do like to get your hands dirty, don't you? LOL!

  9. I love a cobblestone path and this looks so pretty. You had me cracking up though at your impatience in waiting for the moss to grow, then planting moss and ferns in there after a bit. That's just like something I'd do! :) Have a great weekend! Sharon

  10. Is that glow in the dark pebbles in your mixture? I've seen that done at night its really cool been thinking of finding a way to mix that into my "cracks" between my cobblestones...

  11. what is that marble looking jelly?

  12. sweet! and I've used that technique before for encouraging moss to grow - it works like a charm!

  13. Truly interesting, I would have never thought that putting moss in a blender and spreading the "shake" would actually grow. Your cobble stone path turned out beautifully, the moss will look great once it grows in.

  14. Love, love, love your cobblestone path!! So pretty!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment!!


  15. In the UK, my father planted 'Cologne Plant' in his crazy paving. When you walk on it, or brush it with your shoes, the smell is divine and so fresh. I wiki'd it for you, but it's not there. However, my niece is a professor of botany, horticulture and more, so I'll ask her what the real name is.


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