Saturday, September 7, 2013

KFC Chicken Spa-Hotel

The weekend brings us part two of the KFC coop!
If you are wondering why I would be crazy enough to build a Daycare or Hotel for chickens,
 you can read all about it  HERE!!
It was formerly known as miss Karen's Finishing Coop, but I don't think it's appropriate as I am not fattening them up for the nearest KFC restaurant.

 A new name will be introduced, but still staying with KFC of course!
Karen's Feathered Care 
Karen's Feathered Caravansary 
Karen's Feathered Conservatory
Karen's Foul Corner
Or maybe someone has a better idea????

 Just waiting for the girls to come so I can debut their visit.  That's right, you will be first to see the only chicken daycare/hotel/spa ever,
 here at the Feral Turtle

A roost was constructed

I got a wee bit fancy and put an angled roost in too.  It will hold two birds.
 I just cut each end at a 45 degree angle and nailed them in place.

  After scouring decorating magazines,
 I discovered  white is the "IN COLOR"  this year.
 Wanting to keep things high end, cuz that's how we "fly,"
  I mixed the rest of my cheap paint from the oops section at our local hardware store with some slaked lime and water.   Here is  the real whitewash recipe right from
Mother earth News
This paint definitely sticks to everything.  Kinda like an olden days version of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
  Hmmmm  maybe that's where the chalk paint idea was born.

I didn't feel the need to paint the outside as my guests won't see it from this view, and really, isn't it all about your guests?  Plus I ran out of paint :(

I heard, the girls are peeping and chirping about their upcoming trip to KFC.  
 Because this is their first holiday from home, I am hoping to treat them to something special.   I may pickle  beets this weekend and lavish
 the chickies with beet tops!
I also needed a quick door for the center of the nest boxes.  I scrounged an old piece of barn board, cut it in half lengthwise, and  cut the board to the precise measurements as you will see when it's hung (hehe)

Two 4"x4" pieces of 1/4 inch plywood were cut into triangles.  These are for the corners of the door.

A bit of wood glue was applied to the rails and stiles in the corners  and the pieces were held together with clamps and brad nails

Corners plywood pieces get a generous application of wood glue....

and placed at each corner and brad nailed.  I wouldn't recommend this method to build a kitchen cupboard door, but for a quick cover to a nest box, I figured it would suffice!

I added a bit of chicken wire to the back with staples.

And with the precise measurements of the opening, a door is born.
 Unfortunately the barn board was a little shy of what I needed, but because it's a chicken hotel, I just "winged" it.

A "stunning" knob is added to the door of the cupboard.........

and for a little continuity, and that designer look, the exterior door gets a stunner  too!
The moment we have all been waiting for,
 our guests arrive!

Check out their homemade feeder.
A bucket with a lid, a plastic plant pot used for the bottom, and some chain!

Holes are cut along the bottom edge for feed to seep out as needed!

A fancy water server.  Nothing but the best here at KFC!

She's looking pretty satisfied!

And one more payment for staying at the KFC....
I must apologize for the explicit picture but this is like gold!

If you are in need of some quality chicken care, this coop's for you!  KFC is a step above the others, (are there any others?)
In  fact,  our guests are our first priority (and I don't mean in the deep fryer)

Oh Oh, I better go.  HGTV is at my coop door looking for a feature on
 "Lifestyles of the Rich and Feathered"

One more episode of Chicken Hotel/Daycare/Spa left.
  The name of the coop.
 The final reveal will happen as soon as I get my butt in gear and come up with a name!


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