Friday, September 12, 2014

Building The Framework for a Rocket Stove/Pizza Oven...A New Deck

Deck building 101 will not be taught at this blog, but checkout these abs from our latest construction escapade!

Yep that's me and Mr. FT looking fit!
I'm too sexy for my shirt.....

Okay this never happened.

But this happened....
Of course I forgot to take the before pics which would have consisted of two flower planters, flanking each side of three small steps.

Our son in-law came out to give us a hand!  Thanks Tickle!

Guess I should have pulled the tan in a can out.....
Mr.FT and myself, enjoying a cold glass of H2O.
  32.5 degrees celsius on this day (in the shade)....I think that's like 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  Hot as hell! 

All done the boards

A quick picture just after we put the tools away...

Then this...and it really did happen!
Too bad I wasn't outside for this hail storm.  I think those nuggets could have put some color into those little white legs!

Stay tuned for the Rocket Stove addition to our deck.
   Comes complete with a hand built pizza oven and a pizza chef....Mr FT   hehe.