Friday, September 26, 2014

Rocket Stove / Pizza Oven Part Three

Mario (me, the boss) worked the cement mixer, feverishly mixing concrete, while Luigi, the worker, danced with the wheelbarrow, filling the form. 

With the foundation complete, next up was the framework.
Pressure treated lumber consisting of 4x4's and 2x6's were used to build the frame.  Concrete fasteners  secured the structure  to the foundation with stainless steel brackets.
This framework needed Mario again.  Back to the mixer I slaved, while Luigi danced his way through a little bit of wheelbarrow opera!   Here's the recipe for the concrete mix we used.... here.  
Building the form for the "countertop and base of oven" pour.

More welding with Mr. FT!

Two ammonites were secured to the front of the form.

Form  joints are siliconed, metal reinforcement is added and ready for the pour.

Concrete sits to cure.  Tarps covered this for a few days and it was sprayed with water at least four times.

Just as you thought you were going to see something cooking, here I am to bore you with all the technical difficulties.  Next up we watch Mr. FT do his thing, and I am here to tell you his story with crappy pictures.  Sorry. 
Holes were cut into the top of the keg for  flame to escape.  Luckily we had this stainless steel pan salvaged from a few years back.  Can you believe it was within inches of the size we needed.  How lucky was that?  Mr FT used a zip-cut disk, cut a circle, and fitted the pan to sit  on top of some flanges that he welded  to the sides of the keg. 

Rocket stove is fitted into the structure, levelled and secured with a few welds.

Stainless steel is added to the top of the pan.

All done.

A top plate of upside down 5/16 checker plate was used as a cooking surface.  The video below shows us already putting it to use.  Egg pizza!

A chimney is built using an old Corny keg.   The chimney cap (not shown) was the top of an old Sanke keg.  He was the ultimate recycler using every part of the keg! 

Building the damper for the chimney!

Framework for the pizza oven is secured to concrete base

Two days of rock and brick begin...

A special refractory mix was used to glue the rocks and bricks together.
  You can find the recipe here at

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  1. GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!! Now it's all clear to me!! (are you sure you don't want it moved to the other side?) HA HA. Coming from a long line of expert steel workers and welders, that man of yours get my vote for SUPERIOR DESIGNER.

  2. That is one amazing pizza oven! It turned out so pretty. I can't wait to see a pizza! Happy weekend...:)

  3. Spectacular! And I can't even get my husband to take out the trash... LOL!

  4. I think I need to make Sam take a welding class or two. (Or just steal your husband with his mad welding skills!) This is going to be so fantastic and I love that you put the two ammonites in the front. Can't wait to see them. I love this project and you know I'm following along.

  5. Oh my gosh--what a project! (and I hope you feel better!) We have an outdoor fireplace, but it's pretty much good for nothing, other than a fire. Maybe s'mores.

  6. WOWZA! That is one freakin' amazing pizza oven! I can't believe how awesome it is. Well actually I can, because you guys do awesome work. Love it! I can almost taste the pizza.

  7. This is looking truly awesome, Karen! I am surprised by the use of wood in the framing. Did you have a plan drawing and instructions or did you create your own plan? I do think Mario is doing a great job working that cement mixer -- definitely the "bones" of the project!

  8. You guys are blowing me away with this project. I couldn't fathom building one of these. How did you get the wood to bend into the arch? It's really gorgeous and I can only imagine how much you guys are going to enjoy your brick oven once it's complete.

  9. Oh! my! You're sick? So you're not using your pizza points?

  10. I love eggs! And you people are all crazy, do you know that? But crazy in a good way I guess. I can NOT believe you are voluntarily doing all this impossible work. That better be one damn good pizza, and I'd better find my way up to Canadia-land and enjoy some with you someday.

    Stop being sick. Now.


  11. Two thumbs up from me and the hubby, but he is seriously considering banning your site from our house. I keep adding to the honey do list every time I come here lol. I really, really want me a pizza oven now!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  12. OMG! What a project! Loved the egg test. But so sorry to here you are sick. Hope you're better soon so you're ready to consume some fresh pineapple pizza! ;)

  13. Wow, really, what a project! It is amazing how you two worked it out. It looks fabulous! Love the brick and stone mix. I guess you must be already savoring the good fruits of all that hard work!

  14. Wow wow wow, that is utterly amazing!! Well worth the work you are going to have decades of joy from that, oh my gosh, that's just too awesome! I'll have to watch the video later it's not showing on my iPad.

  15. You two are unbelievable !!!
    OMG - I would love that in the back yard - wonder what John would say if I told him I have a new project for him LMHO
    Just amazing Karen !

  16. HOLY QUAP!!!! This is by far the most amazing diy I've ever seen! Your hubby is fabulous! Does he have a brother??


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