Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Glimpse Into My Wildlife!

It's been awhile since my last post but I really haven't been up to anything that is blog worthy.  I could post about how many feet of snow we've pushed but that would probably just make you bored and tired.  I could post about the purge that has begun in preparation for our next big renovation, but then I might have to run to the dumpster and start hauling it back in the house.  
So I will talk about my wildlife!

Our friends were over for a visit and as they were leaving, we decided to see if we could get a glimpse of this big guy, which was taken this summer past.

Instead, I spied this little fellow perched in one of the trees that our local porcupine feasts on.

If you missed my other owls, you can see them here!
That's my wildlife!  Pretty wild eh.


  1. Oh- HOW CUTE! What darling pictures. There is nothing like pictures of animals in their natural habitats. Hope you are having a good week. xo Diana

  2. These are so adorable! I love looking at nearby wildlife. Do you think this owl is one of the twins you featured before?

  3. Such cute critters! I love looking at wildlife....we have our share since we live in the woods! wildlife is about as wild as! Have a great rest of the week!

  4. Oh, what a beautiful little owl! The prickly one, not so!

  5. I love all creatures, great and small. Such loveliness even with the prickly one. I've been missing too, due to a computer virus that cost $130 to remove....again. My next post will be all about the things one can accomplish when there's no computer in the house.

  6. I only get to see a racoon and some squirrels every now and again. Oh, and the occasional bat when I let the dogs out at night. I would love to see a porcupine in my yard!

  7. I want some of Theresa's raccoons!
    Such a cute owl! Although I'm scared of them since they once tried to pick up my cat when he was a baby and eat him alive :( Good thing I was out to save him!

  8. (heavy sigh) I live in AZ and I so miss the wildlife of Idaho and Northern California! So I live vicariously through posts like this, with those adorable creatures! The owl is so precious! Fortunately, I get to visit my niece who lives in the middle of a pine forest in Colorado. She has deer wandering in her 'yard' and the cutest black squirrels I've ever seen. I'd not complain a bit for more posts like these!!! Dona

  9. I believe your owl is requesting a blanket. He's chilly. In return you may be able to train him to push some of that snow for you.

  10. Great pics! We don't see too many owls around here, and to be honest they freak me out a little. They always look so intense.

  11. Oh how cute! The other night I was awakend by two owls "talking" to one another. It sounded like one was right above me on the roof since I could hear it walking around. Don't you just love owls!?

    Great photos :) Hugs to you!

  12. Oh! She is darling!!
    BTW, I would listen to your reports of shoveling snow or whatever you want to chat about. ;)

  13. Awww, look at your precious pets. Wouldn't want to snuggle that first one, though. :)

  14. If you asked me where porcupines live indigenously, I might have said Africa. I had no idea that they lived on our continent. I would have also thought them to be plant eaters. Better brush up on my porcupinology! That cute little owl is quite a ham, letting you take all those pictures. Maybe Porky will be back in the Spring. It's closer than it seems, you know;)

  15. Awww that little owl is so cute! It's looks like you now have a complete family! The first guy it's kind of scary, I wouldn't want to find it in my backyard.

  16. At first I thought you meant it was the owl the porcupine feasts on! I finally figured out what you meant. Whew!!

  17. Adorable! I, for one, would love see your inches/feet/miles of snow... It would be very exotic, since I rarely have snow here.

  18. How cool is that!!! You got some serious pho-tog skills girl!

  19. Love your photos. These sweeties are adorable. You are very talented with your camera.
    Have a nice weekend.

  20. I love your little critters!!!! You do realize that's a terminator owl.....


  21. How beautiful, I love seeing the snowy pictures too, even though you're probably over it.

  22. The owl is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pics!

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