Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hearts Everywhere

Todays post is all about love and hearts....

Out for our daily walk, Mr. FT and myself happened upon a red bush. 
All I could see was love!
The love of getting poked with wire, 
whipped in the face with branches,
traipsing back to the house to fetch the pruning shears, (half a mile)
and of course Mr FT's heart health, which requires
 trudging through knee high snow carrying a bundle of frozen sticks back to the house.

The branches sat on the heated floor and thawed for a few hours.
  They were slowly and gently bent to form half the heart and secured with wire. 
 A few branches were harmed in this process but all were used!

 I wired both halves together and finished them with red Christmas bows.
  I think it's a conspiracy and they just recycle
 Christmas ribbon with some heart packaging. 
 Ever notice how those Valentine chocolates always seem to taste slightly stale. 

The Ladybug Tree. 
 I secretly love the snow, and there  is nothing
 better than a walk on a warm winter's day!
The Ladybug Tree picture was one of those days.
Happy Valentines Day!
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