Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cutting A Circle On A Table Saw

It was a day of planting trees and fighting off swarming bees. 

grow my little babies!

 After picking up never ending storm remains and fighting off more bees......

 I backed into this pile only to get a sliver in my butt!

  I also cut two circles on a table saw.....I really did.
(and fought off more bees)
and didn't cut my fingers off...

You can see how to do it on this YouTube video. 

 I don't think Mr. Circle guy invented the wheel but he
 showed me how to make one, so cheers to him.

I found this cool thing on Pinterest that involves circles, which I would show you,
 but then I would have to kill you and hide your body in my
 basement somewhere, and that might smell. 
 After all, I just finished cleaning it out. 
But do stay tuned to see what becomes of my tablesaw circles.

No harm will come to you!!!
Image result for cartoon fingers crossed

Now to find a mirror with ample magnification
for butt sliver removal.


  1. Sounds like a busy and painful day...lol! I can't wait to see what you do with the circles!

  2. You are a nut! What about beekeeping? Corral them there bees and get yourself a hive started :-)
    Circles ... I wonder what you're up to my crazy friend??? I will wait and see... I really don't want to stink up your newly cleaned basement.

  3. Hi Karen, Butt slivers~~~ you are too funny! Sounds like something I would do. Looks like you've been really busy. The trees will be nice when full grown. We've had a lot of tree damage here too from the storms but ours were spared thankfully for now!! I gotta love a gal who uses a scroll saw. I love mine and a long time wood cutter. Your circle looks great. Can't wait to see what you are up too.
    Have a great day! xo

  4. LOL I meant to say band saw. I use the scroll saw. CM

  5. Circles on a table saw??? Impressive! I, on the other hand, only feel comfortable with my jigsaw. I cut everything with it - plywood, 4x4's, firewood. It doesn't work very well for the big stuff (i.e. "not at all") but I always try. The bigger saws scare me.
    It's going to take some kind of a yoga pose to get slivers out of your own butt. That will be equally impressive.

  6. Oddly enough, I have never heard of anyone getting a butt sliver. A wood tick in the crotch...but not a butt sliver. Sounds like something the hubs might have to assist with--LOL!
    Bees? Swarming bees?! That's one thing that gives me the willies--bees and wasps! I would never have made it out in the yard to plant trees or cut circles. You are braver than I, dear lady. ;)

  7. OH my gosh, you had me laughing this morning! Not at you, with you hopefully haha! That reminds me of a story - last week or so in Seattle, there was a truck carrying 14 million honey bees and unfortunately the truck rolled and out went many of the bees (as well as some died, sad but they did save over a 100 hives). Everybody around that clean up was stung and people in the area have been spotting many more bees now in our area. Yikes! Maybe somehow some of those escapees made their way north to you, LOL!

    1. OH, and I can't wait to see what you do with the circles. :)

  8. oh, my, that will be such a lovely forest once it grows up, but luckily conifers grow so fast!

  9. Oh no, so sorry about the sliver! Ouch! Speaking of....bottoms.... when I was a little girl I was playing in my kiddie pool and my mom brought me a snack so I sat down {in my bathing suit} to enjoy my treat and ended up sitting on a bee/wasp and it stung my behind! Well, I went in and had mommy dearest care for it and then I went back outside and sat on the bee/wasp again and guess what?! I got stung again. Not too bright... :) Hugs to you!

  10. You have bees already? I haven't seen one here yet! Even though my husband is allergic to them, I always look forward to seeing the big fat ones flying around my flowers. It means summer has officially started.

    boo on the sliver! Hope Mr. Turtle can help get it out ;)

  11. Next, you will be posting"how to get a sliver out of your behind." Or is that bee-hind?

  12. I'm really curious to see what you'll do with those circles! Good luck to your butt!

  13. Why no picture of the butt sliver? I mean, GOSH!

  14. Like minded again- I'm planting trees this week too! I could be outdoors all day.
    Can't wait to see them grow.
    Always a smile with your writing - Love it!

  15. Have you become a beekeeper without our knowledge? Ken and i just watched the video, pretty darn cool. Now I'm thinking about all kinds of wood circle projects to make.

  16. After watching the video, I'm totally sure I'm not ready for table saw circles, I'm not even ready for a table saw! Ouch, butt slivers?! Hope your butt's in the mending! :)

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