Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reclaiming My Basement - Part Two

After consuming half a Costco chicken due to nail breakage (fingernails not finishing nails), I was ready to tackle room two.  

  Moving shelving units around and sorting through Mr. FT's beer brewing hobby, left me feeling good about who the hoarder in the family really is! 

KIDS eh!

Yikes.  I went to the local building store to pick up a transition strip...
$32.99 for what I don't even think was an eight foot piece. FOR ONE PIECE?????
Who likes matchy matchy anyways.

This gorgeous wall covering has to go....Is't like epoxy coating meets flaky pastry.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and pondered
 while I start on the second half of that chicken.

Look what happened last week

How can I be sad about a tree when I am looking at this guy!
Señor Pickle


  1. The floor is looking REALLY great. You got a good deal on the flooring but WHAT a lot of work!!!! Hope you didn't OD on chicken...was it finger-lickin' good? Oh- wait- that is

    Too bad you lost the big tree but at least you have a picture of it to remember it by. Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Hi Karen, I love your flooring. I know it is a lot of work but so worth it. Sorry you lost the tree. The photo is a nice remembrance. What a sweet puppy. Just look at those eyes. He looks full of mischief for sure.
    Happy redoing!!! Hugs and Blessings my friend.

  3. Lookin good there turtle woman! I'm working about the same pace you are lately ... love your sweet doggy photo! Enjoy your chicken ;-)

  4. You are a great Do-It-Your-Selfer, Karen! The floors look amazing! No suggestions for the stucco walls but whatever you tackle, it turns out beautiful! I think you have the Midas touch! Your fur baby is adorable and looks like he's very adventurous!

  5. Look at you go! What a project, my friend - you're not a turtle, you're Super Woman!

    The floor is looking fabulous and I can't wait to see what you do with the walls. Happy Thursday! Hugs!

  6. I'm watching your basement redo - I like the "budget friendly" part! My daughter is buying a small fixer upper and there are projects like this! It will be one project at a time.
    Your watermark notes - hilarious

  7. The flooring...looks fabulous! What a lot of work.
    The puppy...pure devotion in those eyes.
    The tree...has become useful, but will be remembered in its majestic state. :)

  8. Well, maybe he misses the old tree, too! You are making great progress in "YOUR" basement room! I think that Spanish-style stucco might even give Spanish-style stucco a bad name.....being from the "land of stucco," I see stuff! Continued good luck on your "basement journey!"

  9. Keep it up fingernailess women. sk

  10. We have a stuccoed wall in the living room that's driving me insane !!!
    I need you here Karen - desperately - the Jazz Fest in July - come - you'll have a ball ( I'll let you out one night so you can enjoy yourself LOL )
    You're amazing - really - I can't do any of this stuff - ( but I'm getting pretty good at supervising I must say )
    I'm in love with Senor Pickle ! He can come in July too!!!

  11. I have pretty much the very same laminate in my office :)

  12. Sweet puppy face!!

    Favorite part of the post: "cuz who the hell else would want to claim this picture"

    I bought a package of Costco rotisserie chix breast and it tasted funny. I guess I should have just bought a whole dang chicken instead.... Let me know if you need help with the bodies. I've got experience.


  13. Looking great! ANd what a deal on that transition strip! We paid almost as much for those stupid things as we did for our ridiculously cheap laminate. Anywho, keep on keepin''ll get there. Maybe in turtle time, but that's! BTW...I didn't know turtles eat chicken! Seriously though, have a fantabulous end of the week and weekend!!!

    1. I almost your adorable Senor Pickle! He is too cute!

  14. You are moving a heck of a lot faster than this slug over here, guess that's cuz you're a turtle! You're going to have that whole space reclaimed in no time. I think the beer makings add to the charm. It's looking fabulous and Senior Pickle is muy guapo!!

  15. Man, I would hate to work with that stucco! Good luck coming up with a solution! I think the floors look great!

  16. Hahaha yeah, I see them Karen! But hey the beautiful floor was the one that got all my attention! How about board and batten to hide those stucco walls?
    p.s. Señor Pickcle is a cutie!

  17. The floor looks great and to me, it seems you did great and worked quickly. I'm very slow in my projects as you know!

  18. Aww... Senor Pickle is a real sweetheart. Sorry about the old tree. I think you're working pretty fast compared to me. Love that floor!

  19. Love Pickle!

    You have done an amazing job, and I love the flooring. Isn't it great to take back space that was previously under utilized? Lots of work, but worth it.

  20. The MIster definitely thinks he knows who the horder is over here....I mean, look, just because I hold onto every itty bitty scrap of fabric on the off chance that I might use it....SOMEDAY....doesn't mean I'm a horder. I feel bad for you having to move all Mr. FT's brewing stuff. But, you're doing such a great job! Here's my suggestion for your glamorous stucco issue, you know that tree you have chopped up, you could make wood paneling!!! AWESOME idea, I know. It's wonder my husband hasn't let me tackle DIY here at the ole' homestead. Andi's dog, Eddie, might have some competition for Ginger's heart. Senor Pickle looks like a real heart breaker.

  21. The floors look great! That stucco looks menacing and I feel for you having to tackle that, I have no clue on how to do that!! Oh, just noticed the comment above that says panel over it - that is a great idea! Sorry for the tree, but the cute Senor Pickles does probably help to make up for it!

  22. The reclamation works are moving on apace but I sympathise over the nail damage!
    Hope the second half of your chicken tastes good!


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