Monday, March 30, 2015

Reclaiming My Basement Space

I have basement envy from my fellow blogger
 Amy at  Stow and Tell U .
She's also the dear friend that surprised me with this beautiful
It will be perfect for my spring lilacs,

 and also this gorgeous Herb Chart all the way from Salem Massachusetts

 I feel almost witchy with this in my possession.  I am now practicing spells!  It still hasn't worked on the basement clean-up but I try everyday.

Pocus mundatis FUNDAMENTUM
That might be Witchcraft for
Hocus Pocus...Clean The Basement!
After weeks of sorting, sneezing, and many
 visits to the local waste engineer,
a.k.a The Dump Guy, the basement was ready for phase two.

And this was a picture of the VERY  best part of the floor!

You can see my first and second attempt of a clean-up

and here
Phase two.......Flooring
Just cheap flooring that I could walk on without having to put on my big rubber boots.

Part two of the new floor coming soon.  I have a large bookcase that my grandpa built full of books to relocate and then I will be on my knees again.

that means move this bookcase in witchcraft!
UNBELIEVABLE.... it worked!
Stay tuned!

Cheers from