Friday, April 17, 2015

The Beating Hearth Goes Public

My dear bloggy friend Heather, from
created this treasured one of a kind pillow for me!
I guess she must like me or perhaps she's waiting for me to win the lottery so I can share my winnings.  I am pretty sure it's the latter as my odds are pretty good.  I buy a ticket usually once a year and I am banking my retirement on it.

And now you can have one of her gorgeous works of art too!

She has finally started her own business, and will create
 custom quilts which will surely become treasures.

Here are a few examples of her creative talents at work.

You can jump on the bus and

 visit her at 



  1. My gosh- that is one talented gal. Your pillow is so cute and her creations are just amazing! xo Diana

  2. Your pillow is absolutely adorable! All of the quilts and pillows are so nice...great work! I'll hop over and pay her a visit. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Karen, what a darling pillow. It is adorable. What a talent your friend is and her quilts are amazing.
    Best wishes to her on her business. I will go visit her now.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  4. I just love these! I'm going to check it out!

  5. What a sweet gift! She looks quite talented. :)

  6. Can I still her button that I see on your sidebar to put it on my sidebar?

  7. Her quilting talents amaze me all the time. She totally quilts outside the box with her designs. What a lucky turtle you are to have such a cute and one of a kind, handmade pillow!!

  8. What a great friend you have to make you such a cool pillow like that! She is definitely very talented with her quilting skills!

  9. who doesn't like a soft pillow or a cushion!

  10. That pillow needed to be with you! Adorable! What a talented (and nice!) friend you have to make that for you! Congratulations on her new business!

  11. How very special! It is just right for you! Those quilts are so pretty too and I wsh Heather every success!
    Happy weekend!

  12. How adorable! Your friend Heather is very talented and I'm sure she will sell many delightful items. I am headed over to her place now....

    Have a great evening! Hugs!

  13. Hi Karen! I tried to find the comment link in your post for today, but it's not there, did you turn off comments or is my iPad acting weird again?

    Good to see you back! Curious to see what you did with the circles. Now go get your hubby to take out those splinters ;).


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