Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Happenings and Root Beer Floats

I have an excuse for being MIA......
Really I do!
Mr. FT is on his "Workcation" 
 and you know what they say,
"When the cat's away the mice will play"

So I kicked up my heels by adding on to the wood shed

and painting......

and hanging ladders

and more painting......
and some shingles were applied thanks to a special helper!
Unfortunately I lost my helper for the other side due to weather conditions and timing.
A bit of sheathing on the bottom edge, fascia board and a few sistered rafters were doctored in for a safer roof
.  Note to self....Don't let things get this bad EVER.

Old shed doors were fixed and what the paint for you too shed!

and aluminum fascia was installed.

and a gas line and dryer were installed thanks to my awesome manchild.
Thanks Manchild!
You can see the start of the laundry room HERE and HERE......

and maybe one day there will be a link for the finish of it!

and some homemade laundry soap was made...see the glass jar below!
I used Nana Diana's recipe which I couldn't find as I was rushing about,
 but here is the link to her blog!
It is amazing!

I was glad to rip this out of the wall.  It was the old birds nest  dryer vent!
and buttoned it up until we decide what siding the house will wear.

and baby gifts were made

and some soap was made which means new soap recipes are coming soon....

and had a surprise Zombie Karaoke Birthday bash with family, thanks to my dear children....
They just couldn't let it go that their momma turned twenty nine for the UMPTEENTH time.

BTW, you ever notice how well you can sing after a few beers?

and Mowed and Mowed and MOWED lawns...about 6 acres worth.....over and over and over again.

and built some new steps off the less used side of the deck with some
 scavenged supplies from around the old homestead.

and tended to all the plantings, praying they don't die before Mr. FT gets home.
He's got the green thumb and he actually cooks with this stuff...who knew!  

and dressed up the wood shed with a star my sister made me. I might have scared the neighbors too with my pentagram blue grass.  That's right neighbors....don't pi$$ me off or I will cast one of my evil spells!
I did this for all my American friends....ok that's not true.  I just like the way the blue pops against  red.  This star needed a safe place until the house is sided and where better than the wood shed.

And stayed cool in my craft room working on more wedding bouquets.
yep that's a skull for a goth or biker or just one cool bride or groom!
and mulched some new tree plantings to help in this drought.  On the upside, mowing duties have slowed down considerably!

and more branches were cut to make way for our forest trail.

And some healthy juicing was done...

and wasp nests were destroyed and then angered....yes turtles can move pretty quickly when they need to

and lastly....the start of an outhouse in my north pasture....just in case some brave campers come!

  Perhaps I will get it done in time to post before summer is gone.

Stay cool, keep laughing and I apologize for my absence!
I disabled my comments link now that I know how to do it!
  I will be away from the internet for awhile but not too long!