Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An Ikea Hack with Besta Units Part Two

As our saga continues, the Boss, being happy with the job thus far, wanted to sit on the bench with no worries of diaper leaks, which could lead to blackmailing evidence in her teen years.

You can see part one HERE.

  This was a job for her Mommy.  Being a master with a brush, she expertly applied her stain and sealer in one. 

After numerous coats, Mommy was delighted with the results.
The last part of this project was to build a door for the center unit to hide the power bar from little fingers.  With a few scraps of wood and some leftover beadboard from my master bedroom makeover,  I was able to create this door!

Mommy painted her new door white to match the rest of the bench.
Power bar tucks neatly inside and the new latch holds the door closed. 
 Mommy did an excellent job with the installation!

The boss was drinking her face off
at the Mommy Bar (not shown), so demanding.

The Before Pics of her $20 table!

The During Pics

The All Done Pics!

Beautiful Mommy!!

The Boss fits for now, but Mommy has decided to purchase some chairs for the 
little milk-o-holic as she won't be in her prison chair for too much longer.

The Boss has been dancing non stop but I couldn't show you those
 pictures cuz, um, well she had a bit too much at the Mommy Bar,
 and forgot her nappy....No one wants to see that, 
but you will wanna see this!

Good Job LouLou Belle!!