Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grape Chili Jelly

Welcome to our Zone 3 Vineyard where we are world renowned for our
 famous wines and jellies!

Come tour all THREE of our grapevines!
That's 3.

This looks all good and dandy but I have to confess that this contraption, which works great for tomatoes, sucks for grapes.  It clogged up so badly that  I ended up throwing the whole works in a pot,

 shoved my foot in there and stomped

 I got out my stick mixer and just blended it all up, hung the mess in cheesecloth and strained.

If you like heat, you might like this jelly.
I followed the pectin grape jelly recipe from the box, except I wrapped some chili's from my garden in cheesecloth

 and boiled the bejeebers out of it.

  When that wasn't hot enough, I put in a pinch of chili powder...
and by a pinch, I mean a teaspoon.

4 cups grape juice
4 1/2 cups sugar
1 box pectin
1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp chili powder
Boil pectin and grape juice for 1 minute
add sugar, chili powder and citric acid and boil hard for one more minute.
Pour into sterilized jars.

I processed them in a water bath for ten minutes 

And if the jelly wasn't hot enough, I foolishly ate a pepper......YIKES!
Feel sorry for me tomorrow. 


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  1. I somehow knew you were a "Spice Girl!" I hope you chased your raw chili (what were you thinking?) with a milk product....the only thing that cuts the burn!

  2. Sounds yummy but I am not sure I could take that much heat! My husband could though! Can't wait till concord grapes are ready in my area. I love cooking with them but haven't every made jelly.

  3. My daughter eats these peppers. It's insane! I bet she'd go nuts for the jelly! I could see it being a huge hit at a Superbowl or tailgating party!

  4. Dear Purple Feet-
    You're so ambitious. I have A grapevine and it doesn't produce any grapes... or the birds eat them before I get there.

  5. Oh friend, you made me laugh out loud :) Your jelly sounds soooo good! My husband would love this since he enjoys grape jelly and hot stuff {that's why he married me, right *wink*}

    Have a great day, lovely lady! And Happy Fall!

  6. Not a fan of hot. whew! That sounds spicy--but for a lover of hot it would be wonderful and worth all the work. ;)

  7. Hi Karen, Love the grape jelly but can't do the HOT stuff. My grandmother always made grape jelly from the grapes they grew in their arbor to make wine. Your result looks mighty delicious. Sorry about the hot pepper. Hope you cooled off!! You are always busy and on an adventure. Love it and visiting you is always inspiring.
    Have a great weekend ahead. Happy Fall, cm

  8. It looks so pretty Karen, and I do love grape jelly... but my system just can't take the hot stuff. Hope you're not suffering too much.

  9. One of our family faves is pouring hot pepper jelly over a brick of cream cheese. This one never goes out of style at our get-togethers. I've never tried hot pepper grape jelly, but his looks sooo good!! I'm so impressed with your vineyard by the way. I mean 3??? Who could top that?? Hope you've been enjoying some cooler weather xo

  10. I really like to try it! We like hot stuff. :) In fact my kids have been growing chilies and habaneros but since I'm such a bad cook they're there waiting for me to use them on something. Well, I've used some of the chilies, the habaneros are way too hot! You always impress me with your scientific experiments, hmm scientific, cooking and building abilities I might say. ;)

  11. You made me smile with this one! I would love to try this jelly. I love spicy things - but my stomach doesn't. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Hope you join us again this week!

  12. We went to a vineyard yesterday, picked grapes, saw them being processed then had a farm to table dinner outside. We thought we were gonna to stomp them ;).

    I can stand the heat of this jelly, but if I ate a hot pepper...yikes! Hope it wasn't too awful :(.

  13. I'm wondering if this isn't too hot for me... Brittany girls are used to mild temperatures ;)

  14. Wait, so it's a sweet jelly which is at the same time hot? Whawhat? :)

  15. The hotter the better, I say! I LOVE sweet and spicy. Sadly, I have no vineyard to play in. Did you recover from the hot pepper? I think you probably had another. Or two. :)

  16. Wow. Does the jelly come with a warning?

  17. Oh. My. Word. I've been eating low carb and all I want to do is dive into my screen and eat about a million crackers with your spicy jelly.

  18. I happen to be eating grape salad at the moment... cream cheese,sour cream, brown sugar, grapes.. OMG.. it's good stuff. I've never had spicy jelly. It sounds intriguing. I love a jalapeno flavor, I wonder how that would taste in jelly... I need to think about this :)


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