Thursday, December 10, 2015

Twas The Night Before Linky Party (A Gift Exchange)

Twas the night before Linky Party
And all through the Blog
Feral Turtle was typing
strung out on egg nog

Dreaming of packages
Tied up with strings
Turtle drank spirits 
Spying wonderful things.

When what to my rum laden eyes should appear
But a beautiful post card
with musical cheer.
With letters of joy and a shiny red D
A wish bone of plenty to wipe up spilt tea  (liquor)

Now cards and tags and a beautiful bag
On birds with cones that don't even sag
To the top of the tree with a bottle of rum
A new friend on the blogs has already begun!

Thanks to Kimberley for all of my beautiful new treasures
 and thanks to Vicky for all of her hard work!

 You can read all about Kimberley:

and check out Vicky at her blog:

P.S.  No booze was consumed in the making of this post...I swear, not a drop!


Linking up with Vicky and friends at
The Linky Party


  1. What pretty items sweet Kimberley sent you!

    Now, you workith hardith on this post (great rhymes), so go forth and boozith my child,

  2. Oh, how you make my laugh, sweet friend :) I just loved seeing your pretty things from the ornament exchange. You were indeed blessed.

    I just finished writing my post about the goodies I got and it will come up tomorrow. How I love this exchange and I am so thankful for Vicky and her hard work in organizing everything.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Love it Karen! And I love the things Kimberley sent you! She is a sweetie! She's one of my newest blog friends and is such a lovely person! Have a wonderful Friday!

  4. that card with a deer is lovely!

  5. Hi Karen, oh your are too cute and I had such a good time visiting this post my friend. Love the goodies sent to you and what a fun exchange you girls had. Loved your poem set to the night before Christmas. Love that beautiful bag!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and many thanks for all the special visits you bless me with through the year. Enjoy the weekend!! xo

  6. Ohhhhh how I wish I had a dollar for every time I've said you are a nut! You always make me smile! Or look very puzzled...:-)
    Love the sweet gifts you received. Have a great weekend my funny friend!

  7. Ohhhhh how I wish I had a dollar for every time I've said you are a nut! You always make me smile! Or look very puzzled...:-)
    Love the sweet gifts you received. Have a great weekend my funny friend!

  8. You are "oh so clever" with words, My Dear! I'd say you are very deserving of those lovely gifts, and what a fun party y'all (I was born and raised in the South, so I feel the need to throw this term around once in a had!

    Thank you so much, Karen, for the sweet package that arrived in the mail yesterday. Not at all surprised to find a "spidey" in the package, but fortunately, she had not started snacking on that yummy-smelling soap! Thanks again!

  9. Hi Karen,
    You have some mad rhyming skills...I loved your ditty!!
    Mmm, eggnog! ;)
    Glad that you liked were a tough nut to crack since I didn't have a 'wish list' to go by! But I put my Canadian thinking cap on and winged it! ;)
    So happy to have made a new friend!!
    Hugs to you and have a wonderful Christmas!!

  10. Hello Karen, I'm visiting from Vicky's party, so nice to meet you.
    I enjoyed your little rhyme, quite cute and festive.
    You received some lovely gifts from Kimberly.

    Merry Christmas~~ Debbie

  11. You received some great gifts Karen, and I loved the poem. You are to funny! I have to admit I do love me a little spiked up egg nog.

  12. Lovely, lovely gifts you received in your exchange package! What a great way to start the holiday off! And super cute poem, too!

  13. I am visiting from Vicky's ornament exchange. You received such nice goodies!! Vicky's exchanges are always a lot of fun!

  14. This is the funniest post EVER!

    You did receive some wonderful gifts. I love that Vicky hosts this exchange for many reasons, one is that I find new talented and funny friends!

  15. How sweet your gifts are and the poem to go with them is perfect! I vote this the Most Creative Reveal post!!

  16. Oh, what a sweet post...and I simply adore your package from Kimberley! Visiting from the ornament exchange link up today...what fun Vicky's exchange has been!
    Sending love to you!

  17. What a cute post and I love your gifts! Isn't this a fun exchange?

  18. Your poem-posts are always so much fun to read, Karen and did someone say egg nog, by the way? How fun that you all did a gift exchange. I just love that joy sign and the Christmas truck bag. So vintage-y and unique. Sending holiday hugs your way xo

  19. What a fun way to show your gifts! Fab rhyming skills, thanks for the smiles and laughs. Very sweet gifts from Kimberley. Vicky's exchange is such fun for all. Merry Christmas! :)

  20. You got such a pretty gifts! I'd like to get one, too. Besides this poem you wrote is cool! My friend works as a writer at says you wrote it really cool. Write more such poem posts!

  21. What fun gifts this year! Love the poem. You are such a talented lady. Merry Christmas.


  22. What a fun poem, Karen, and fun gifts to go with it.

  23. So many fun gifts, Karen! I love the vintage bag with the truck, the joy sign, well it's all very lovely! And hey, I wish I have at least a bit of your rhyming/writing skills. Such a beautiful poem!

  24. Hi Karen, stopping by to say hello. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. Hope you're enjoying a good week and looking forward to a nice weekend ahead.
    Take good care my friend. xo


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