Friday, November 20, 2015

A Special Birthday Gift

My crazy talented blog buddy created an amazing work of art for Mr. FT's birthday.
Being a "special" birthday, I wanted something that
would be unique and memorable.
to the rescue. 
I ran a few personalized ideas by her and she did the rest...EVERYTHING, PERFECTLY!

This is what Mr. FT calls his home brewery.  He's a craft beer maker!

This is the pillow Heather created for me!!

She had the pillow crafted two months early! 
 I think it took her two weeks to complete and send.

Me on the other hand, took three months to get this post written up.
So here we are, five months later!

But in my defense, to write this post, I had to do a temporary fix on my
 never ending project, the ghetto bedroom.

A quick paint job for Mr. FT'S bedside table. 
 A bit of white glue and flat latex paint over the original brown paint.

More Excuses.

 An aged finish using white glue and flat latex paint.
No fancy crackle paint used and
Sorry Annie Sloan, no chalk paint used here either.
The headboard.

 One last excuse, this nasty wall.
This is a picture from a previous post which you can read all about here
Had to add a bit of paint for a temporary fix.

Our matching pillows...priceless!

Check her out!!! and thank you Heather!!!

He loved it.  I think I even spotted a tear.
BTW what does special birthday mean? Old or young?
I guess it's from which end of the age spectrum you're looking from.

 For the finale.....go and check out my nieces' latest creation.
  She built a fantastic loft bed for her daughter!

 It only cost her $52.00 Canadian dollars.
 I think that's about 63 cents U.S. 

 It's amazing.
You can find the link here:
Shhhh.  Don't tell her I showed you but here's a sneak peak at the start of the bed.