Friday, April 22, 2016

Bird Screen Door

To get some much needed airflow through the  kitchen due to my expertise culinary skills, ahem,
I decided that a screen door would fit our needs perfectly...that and air fresheners!
Oh yah, and a quick disconnect of the smoke detector!

Our local hardware store happened to have a screen door in the clearance section a few years back and I decided to hoard it in my shed.
Hey it was only twenty five bucks....that's like  $7.50 or so to my American friends!

 Anyways, watching those hoarding shows made me get off my shell 
and purge which meant sell it or use it..
I tried it on for size and it worked after a few trips to the tablesaw. 

I went to Pinterest for paint color inspiration and happened to see a screen door with beautiful ornate carvings.  I pulled out my carving knives and went to work.......

OKAY that never happened but I did head to the dollar store to buy these.

I measured the screen door with my leg and half my arm and realized I needed 8 panels..
Hot glue didn't work so well so I pulled out the stapler and stapled all 8 screens together.

After painting the door black, I placed the panels over the door, cut some wooden trim strips and lined them up with the edge of the screen.  With an air nailer, I attached all four pieces of trim, and cut off the excess panels and a little bit of my thumb....but it's all good.  It grows back...I think.

I ended up painting my entry door black too.

I used some spring hinges and a door closer thingy 
to keep out those jovial little squatters called flies!  
Damn flies!

And of course behind the didn't see that I put the door on backwards, which inspired me to get the spring hinges and the door closer thingy.  You also didn't see where I had to fill all the screw holes and hole from the door knob.

 You gotta love the bird door unless you are
 Tippi Hedren from The Birds
and you suffer from
then I apologize for the door!



  1. Oh, I LOVE it! Never would have thought of using that. I also love your highly technical, precision method of measuring. I use the same method. :-)

  2. Why I didn't think of that? It turned out nice Karen. I like the color of the door too which btw we have the same door color. I like this screen panel from the dollar store. I wonder if we have this here in PH. Now, you're giving me an idea what to do with our wall near the stairs. I am also busy with the house improvement and decorating that I don't have time to blog. Ahh house improvement - never ending.

  3. i love your creativity on this one!! :)

  4. I love it!!!! I want one too. This is just the cutest thing ever.

  5. Wow! Beautiful and unique just falls right out your ears, doesn't it?

  6. That's amazing Karen! What a beautiful screen door! You make it all seem so quick and easy, and of course, funny! I had no idea the dollar stare carried screen panels! I need to make a visit!

  7. It turned out so BEAUTIFUL Karen! Now I am inspired to go to my local dollar store to see what they have for household crafting. And, you measure like me. An arm here, a leg there. My math teacher wouldn't approve, but hey, it gets the job done.

  8. Whaaaaat???? That's incredible...really, really clever. And it must look really pretty with the sun shining thru. Good job, Karen. I love it!

  9. Karen, you are just incredible. WOW how fantastic this looks. You did an amazing job and I love the birds added. Truly a one of a kind and custom design. You should really submit this to a DIY magazine. Thanks for sharing. Love it!! You always inspire.
    Have a great week ahead. xo

  10. wonderful work!!!
    love this !!

  11. Well, aren't you just the clever the screen bird door! It must be warming up if you can have the door open. For this person who is revisiting menopause hot flashes (just another joy of chemo), the doors are shut tight and the air conditioner is running at full-throttle!

    Happy Weekend!

  12. Wow! That looks so great Karen. What an awesome idea!

  13. wow, you are so good at foing all this. KUDOS!!!!

  14. This is adorable! I've never heard of 'screen panels', what kind of material are they? I wish they'd invent a smoke detector that only detected when your house is on fire, not when dinner is done. Mine goes off on a regular basis and my house has never actually been on fire.

  15. That door is brilliant! But wow, you just flashed me back to The Birds big-time! Typically when I make pizza and the juice flows over and burns on the floor of the oven, we have to open all the doors and windows and fan everything because if our smoke detectors go off, the fire department is coming. Yep, we're all hooked up for the emergency trucks to roll. Hasn't happened yet, but you know it's coming eventually.


  16. It has to be so pretty to look throughout the day as the light comes through. That door handle is so whimsy and fun. Perfect for your bird door. Screen doors are usually sooo boring and no fun at all, but you've made this one so unique, Karen, I LOVE it!!! Pinned

  17. I'm not Tipi Hedren (I wish) and I love the screen door! What a wonderful idea to make it one of a kind!

  18. Oh, this is fab. I hope they don't all sing very early in the morning.

  19. I was just thinking why am I not surprised she has a set of carving knives when you explained yourself :)
    The doors look gorgeous! I only don't like the colour, think it would give you more light if it was a lighter colour, but they're still gorgeous. And love that big pottery vase beside the doors :)

  20. Very, very clever Karen, and it looks fabulous! I love things that are different. You certainly won't see this door coming and going :).

  21. That's a gorgeous screen my friend! I've been missing your posts but I know that West wing is taking all your attention. Hmmm maybe you're already enjoying it! :D

  22. Did it grow back? I think we need to figure out how to swap skills. Last night I made the most heavenly, gourmet s'mores you could ever imagine. I need a screen door on my patio door. Let's swap. Love that you put it on backwards, that's a particular skill of mine when sewing.

  23. Karen, I am working my way back like I promised. Kind of like how you put the door up first, cart before the horse and all that! I am definitely one of the ornithophobia (should be capitalized, it's that bad) people but would you believe I love little porcelain birds around and I think I might like your door, too. They're not real after all, are they?. I never see anything that pretty at my $$ store. I love when the door is open and you see the sun coming through the birds..Happy Thursday..Judy. I now will continue the journey!!


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