Friday, May 20, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Six

After the old laundry room wall was stripped of panelling,  drywall,  plaster and lath, and an ancient wasp nest, I stole Mr. FT's serial killing crowbar and started prying out that old leaky fly streaked window!
Poor Mr. FT. 
 What will he kill once there are no more flies????

 A new doorway to the porch was framed in to make a corner for the wood stove.

Look who came to visit us!
  This is Foxy the foster dog.
Hopefully she will find a loving forever home next weekend.
This weekend she becomes construction dog!

Speaking of construction animals, we decided to incorporate!
Just Kidding 

Update: since I wrote this post...Foxy has a new loving family
 and Manny found a new home with other goats. 
 He's no longer an only child!
Cheers to good people!


  1. aww i will miss the goat! :)

  2. Awe Foxy, so sweet. Manny however, was the devil incarnate. Glad the reno is coming along!

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  4. this is turning into a whole saga :) Foxy seems eager for sure!

  5. Wow each little episode is intriguing. So glad Foxy has a new home. The goat was a cutie.
    Looks like a lot going on with the reno. Going to be great!! Happy weekend. xo

  6. Yes, you're making great progress, Karen! Now to find some more foster babies to assist you!

  7. Heh heh heh... This is all part of the goats and flies plan to take over the universe, isn't it?

  8. I love Foxy! So glad she has a new family and isn't forced to do construction with a baby goat for a boss. Whew, that must have been tough! ;)
    Not sorry to see the flies go, but yay for new windows and wood stove corners!
    Hugs, T.

  9. You get the cutest critters, my friend! Foxy looks precious and I'm so glad a home was found. And I'm sure Manny is having a dandy time with the other goats :)

    Hugs to you!

  10. I'm glad they both found good homes!!
    So much to do over there. I love seeing the in-progress pics. :)

  11. I think you have officially become a foster pet farm and it sounds like the animals are deciding it for you. So glad they both found homes and my oh my, you two are SERIOUSly working this reno. Can't wait to see the end result.

  12. I don't know how I missed this post :( But, I am pleased to hear the flies are no longer an issue and the animals got some new forever homes. Good things are happening at the Turtle residence!

  13. Wait...what? I fall in love with this dog and just like that, she's gone?


  14. how do all these critters find you? Are you the stray whisperer?

  15. No more dog, goat or wall? The house must feel empty. At least, you have a beam!

  16. Catching up after a needed break and boy, you're getting rid of everything! I would keep Foxy, she's a cutie!

  17. Time to get another dog Karen!

    (Can't believe I missed so much. Gonna have to resubscribe again).



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