Monday, November 23, 2020

Puppy Stocking Stuffers free printable label

Does someone on your Christmas list want a puppy?  Here is an easier alternative.  It doesn't poop, requires no feedings or walks.   It's quick, easy, and you can decorate it anyway you like. 
 Best of all, I have included a free downloadable PDF. 
 Merry Christmas!!
Print pdf and cut into individual labels.
  Cut scrapbook paper a bit bigger than the label 

Get larger pieces of cardstock and fold in half.  This will go over your bag of goodies. Glue label to scrapbook paper and adhere both to your cardstock.  

Plastic bags are from Dollarama.  

Staple the two bottom corners to the plastic bag.
Pin me for future use!

I used peanut M&Ms but any candy will work.
It will help with the disappointment
 of no puppy on Christmas morning :(