Monday, November 23, 2020

Turtles Crossed With MacKenzie-Childs = Christmas Gifts!

A plethora of turtles..
Also known as a BALE...that's what Google says.

This project was inspired by my love of the ever whimsical 

and a Youtube video Turtle Soup!!
She is a very amazing artist!

If you put them together you get this.

Most of this project was created from scraps and used materials including some antique beads.

The scrap boards were jointed, planed and cut into desired lengths.  The frames were assembled with pocket screws.  A router was used to create a recess for the mirror.
Wood filler applied, sanded, and base coated with white acrylic paint.  Then the tedious task begins.  
The first one was pretty much hand measured and painted.  The next two were masked off and then painted.  It took two rounds of masking but was much easier to paint.  I did the first in black and white, 
the second in navy blue and white and the third in green and white.

Approx. 50 of these little swimmers were manufactured.  Some went into frames and others became
 fridge magnets.  No turtles were harmed or discarded in the process.

Antiquing was done using oil based burnt umber paint and a rag.  After each frame was dry, 
it was clear coated with an acrylic based polyurethane sealer.

A large old mirror was salvaged and cut to fit the openings.

Turtles, crystals, and numerous other beads were  threaded onto a 22 gauge wire. Each strand was 
attached to the frame using eye screws.  

Hope you are all staying healthy!