Friday, November 8, 2013

A Barn Board K

Living on an old homestead has it's rewards.  I can usually walk outside and find craft items from the previous tenants. 

 Today I found a barn!!!!
 and this is what I did with it. 

But first I must tell you where I got my inspiration.  I was cruising Pinterest and found this amazing blog whose letter of the day was W
You can see her fantastic W
But what would I do with a W?
I could change my name to Willy Wonka.
 I do love me some chocolate!

 Or I could just make a K.

I started my project by gluing and using my brad nailer, to fasten old barn boards onto a 1/4 inch piece of hardboard.  I probably should have used plywood but I didn't have any 1/4 or 1/2 inch.

Clamps and 2x6s held the boards in place until the glue dried.

I quickly sanded it down to make it sliver free and also to erase my attempt at a freehand K.

Made a proper template for the letter K.  

Special tools were used to create the letter K.  

A template  was created using duct tape and paper....very scientific!

Cut the boards with a jigsaw.

I recycled a few pieces of fence board for  K's border.   I ripped it into 2" strips.

Now for the tedious outline.

I used my mitre saw for all the angled cuts to frame the letter.

Second last piece.  

Oops!  That's not pretty.  I removed the molding and straightened out the barn-board for a better fit.

All done....well almost

I decided to paint the recycled fence board as the pieces were different colors due to having a previous lives as shelves and other projects.
 DON'T painters tape was harmed in this step.
I guess I should have spent a bit of time masking so I could have harmed some :( 

Look at K.  She's such a poser!

This kind of makes me miss summer now.  

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