Friday, November 8, 2013

A Barn Board K

Living on an old homestead has it's rewards.  I can usually walk outside and find craft items from the previous tenants. 

 Today I found a barn!!!!
 and this is what I did with it. 

But first I must tell you where I got my inspiration.  I was cruising Pinterest and found this amazing blog whose letter of the day was W
You can see her fantastic W
But what would I do with a W?
I could change my name to Willy Wonka.
 I do love me some chocolate!

 Or I could just make a K.

I started my project by gluing and using my brad nailer, to fasten old barn boards onto a 1/4 inch piece of hardboard.  I probably should have used plywood but I didn't have any 1/4 or 1/2 inch.

Clamps and 2x6s held the boards in place until the glue dried.

I quickly sanded it down to make it sliver free and also to erase my attempt at a freehand K.

Made a proper template for the letter K.  

Special tools were used to create the letter K.  

A template  was created using duct tape and paper....very scientific!

Cut the boards with a jigsaw.

I recycled a few pieces of fence board for  K's border.   I ripped it into 2" strips.

Now for the tedious outline.

I used my mitre saw for all the angled cuts to frame the letter.

Second last piece.  

Oops!  That's not pretty.  I removed the molding and straightened out the barn-board for a better fit.

All done....well almost

I decided to paint the recycled fence board as the pieces were different colors due to having a previous lives as shelves and other projects.
 DON'T painters tape was harmed in this step.
I guess I should have spent a bit of time masking so I could have harmed some :( 

Look at K.  She's such a poser!

This kind of makes me miss summer now.  

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  1. You always impress me with your crafts. It turned out really beautiful! It is my dream to have a farm house some day where I can make such lovely things to display like this. Amazing job Karen!

  2. You had me right up til I estimated how many mistakes I'd make using a mitre saw on the molding where the deep "V" on the K was involved. On the other hand, that's what lots and lots of caulking is for. (lots, and lots) I think it's GORGEOUS.

  3. Oh that is just fabulous! Glad you didn't change your name to Wanda...although I might start calling you that! I'm going to take a walk on my property and see if I have somehow overlooked and abandoned barn. I will also be looking for a curved trowel as I'll be making a D. Icelandic paper?? Crack me up! Your prowess with powertools just slays me girl! The white trim just makes it all pop. Way to go!

  4. It's amazing! And your post is funny as always. I wonder how it would look with an M...

  5. Love the "K." She turned out perfectly lovely!

  6. Karen this is lovely! Great how-to I may just have to try a letter myself!

  7. Très joli post! Interesting post ! marvellous shot !
    Merci de ta visite et de tes gentils commentaires sur mes pages, Merci, bonne journée!

  8. Wow! Love that. So trendy. You know I always love the warmth of the good old barn wood.
    Have a great day,

  9. Oh now I need to find me an old delapidated barn. They're all new around here. Dang! This is so awesome Karen. Love it!

  10. Karen that is so cool, you're K is perfect I'm glad you decided against calling yourself Wanda.

  11. Oh I love this! Thinking I could make an H out of a K....if I had any skills with saws and wood and paint....sooo jealous. I want this in my yard.

  12. I love repurposing other people garbage. I find it has a wonderful uniqueness to it.

  13. WOW.
    That's fabulous Karen!!!

  14. Awesome! You are so creative! This looks great!

  15. I love this!!! I also love your special tools. :) Makes me wish I had an old barn somewhere. It would be challenging to make an S or a B though. Maybe I need to change my name to Wanda too. Or Karen!

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  17. Are you a fish called Wanda or a turtle called Wanda?? I love this!!!


  18. Very nice post! Thanks & Welcome for your comment and your visit to my blog.
    Have a nice day! Cath

  19. I was just over on Looksi and this happened to catch my eye....speKtaKular ;)

  20. Oh my goodness, I love this project Now to see if I can talk the hubby into helping me make one. It is perfect! And mine would be an H which would be easier...I think! Have a fabulous Friday!

    Blessings, Vicky


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