Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dormers Part Twelve

Drywall is well on its way   

I swear it's like someone turned a light
 on and left it on in this room
This photo was taken at the end of the day   The sun had headed west and it was getting dark, although  you  would look out the window and call me a liar!!
 Am I right? 
  Liar liar!!  
  That's how darned bright it is!
All that is left is to add insulation, wiring and drywall to the old exterior wall.  
 I think the day they built the wall, back in 1904, the insulator guy got lost????  
  We will be using styrofoam to button her up.   She will love it!    So will we.
    Oh and just a quick word of advice to anyone hiring out there construction work,  make sure you give good directions to your contractors   They might forget to put your roof on.   If you think an 
 uninsulated wall is cold, can you imagine trying to sleep with snow in your bed?  



  1. Hey, it's coming along! Windows and lighting are highest on my list of wants in a home.
    Lookin good,

  2. Oh my goodness please tell me they didn't leave your roof off! Is the brightness light reflected off snow?

  3. Oh, did you managed to hire worse workers than I had? My roof is with no insulation (yet) and it's really cold in the bedrooms... Next on the never ending to-do list!

  4. Dormers are so awesome for letting light in! This room is going to be fabulous girl!!

  5. Look at you guys, chugging away getting a lot done. I find I am more motivated to work on the house in the winter months as there just isn't as much to do around town here. Though, we are taking this winter off for once. Yay!

  6. Hey...roofs are highly overrated. Just wear a raccoon on your head and pretend you're camping out. :)



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