Monday, November 18, 2013

Dormers....Part Eleven

Part eleven you gasp????
 It was a long journey to get here, as you can tell from the 10 posts prior to this one.  
 If you want to follow our journey, check out  part one HERE! 
Now for part eleven!

Because of this,
we needed to insulate.   
Yes, that is our driveway in the midst of a blizzard.

 Hopefully the snow melts from the sun's heat instead of the house's heat!

That's me!  Very chilly up here!  We had to wear our heavier coats and gloves!

And our heavy duty dust masks.   Look at me, all safety award like.  
Guess where my safety glasses were?  But this time I went and got them and actually wore them....I swear!   Only one black eye needed,  like here, to learn my lesson.  

Our first glimpse into the dormer.   I had already insulated dormer # 1.    I knew some of  this would have to be taken out for construction and wiring but I wasn't sure which project was next on our list!  We still have a master bathroom to reno!

The dormers won!  The next project in our 109 year old money pit!

A telepost was used to hold up the ceiling while we installed a beam to support the rafters.  The floor joists go one direction and the rafters the other  so we were able to use one telepost. (Just in case you were wondering)

All wired up!

Almost buttoned up for the winter!

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