Thursday, December 19, 2013

Drum Christmas Ornament in 12 Easy Steps

What does spray foam insulation and a drum have in common?
I don't know either,
but after all the construction settled down,
I felt like banging on my drum...and
 I was left with some spray foam lids. 

 Instead of taking them to the garbage can, I decided to make them into something a little more upbeat, like a drum!  I made similar drums years ago using this fabric that you wet down, and shape into any form.  I can't remember what it is called but it's like broken bone cast material.
I made them this way instead.....
Step 1: Paint all the lids, any color could be used.
Step 2:  Cut 5x5 pieces of  white or cream colored cotton fabric.
Step 3: Find some water based sealer in your stash, or make a mix of  white glue and water, 50/50 ratio.  Soak a 5x5 cotton fabric square in the mix.  Ring it out well.

Step 4:  Place over open end of lid and secure around the lip with a rubber band.  Pull it fairly snug over the top so that it is smooth.

Step 5:  When fabric is dry, trim the fabric to a pleasing shape, and paint it whatever color you would like your drum top to be.  I chose a beige color.

Step 6:  Cut up a skewer into 2" pieces and glue beads on the end.  You will need 2 per drum.

Step 7:  Cut ribbon into strips, the circumference of your lid adding about 1/4 inch for overlap.  I glued a piece of ribbon to some burlap trim as I didn't have any wide enough trim that I liked.

 Step 8:  Cut a ribbon or thick thread as your ornament hanger.  Make a loop and tie at the base.

Step 9:  This is a little tricky.  I cut a ribbon the circumference of the lid and divided it equally into 5 spaces.  I marked it with a felt pen, wrapped it around the base of my lid so that I could mark my lid evenly as shown in second picture.

 Step 10:  A string of beads was cut to individual bobbles.

Step 11:  The bobbles are glued onto the lid at the marks made from the previous step as shown below.  Gold thread is looped around each bobble, tied and secured with glue at the end.

Step 12: Hanging thread is glued on first, under where the trim as attached.   Trim is secured with glue around elastic.  Drum sticks are glued to the top.

 Enjoy the beat of your drum

 And to welcome a new baby to our clan.... his first Christmas


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