Monday, December 9, 2013

Green Apple Tree makes a Twosome

Pull out the party favors!  I finished it!

I had high hopes of completing the yellow tree also, but that never happened.
 Other projects happened though, and I will get around to posting them this week!
I kinda forgot to snap some pics of the process, but really, it's pretty straight forward.
Cut apples,hot glue, burn fingers,  and glue some more.....lather, rinse, repeat!

When it came to filling in all the holes, I went to the dollar store and bought two rolls of their glitzy tulle  fabric.  I eagerly chopped up the first roll into 6x6 squares, singing look at me go!  They got down to 4x4 by the start of the second roll and by the end I was using 3x3 squares, and my singing turned into a frantic whisper "Come on baby....Momma just needs a few more pieces."
  The crowning glory was made from two gold stars I snatched from my Christmas tree.  I forgot to look for a cheap star at the dollar store.  I cut one of the stars right down the center, and glued the two halves to the center of the whole star.

Green Girl  measures in at 44"

Shes not as tall as Big Red, who measures a whopping 54".  

And now, the twosome:

Yep, we got more snow last night.  But on the upside, it was only -3 C when I took these pictures.  We have improved from the -30 C that plagued us just days ago!

Hopefully Miss Yellow  will be about 34".  As soon as I find some more cardboard, cut yellow apples, and burn my fingers I will take pics of the trilogy.  Luckily, we just bottled some orange chocolate port from a kit we bought a few months back.

 That will soothe the glue burns.


  1. You and your elegant homemade beverages! Just the thing, I agree to sooth all those burnt fingers. I have this image of you so cheerfully humming to yourself as you cut your 6 inch squares...until reality hits. They are both beautiful, and I really love how you filled in the holes, super clever.

  2. As beautifully as these have turned out, I think it was worth all the glue gun burns! I really don't know which one I like better. They both have their own bit of charm. I am LOL at your tulle story. I think every crafter has gone though that praying phase of having enough material to finish their projects. Happens to me. Every. Time!

  3. Is it wrong that I would burn myself for some chocolate orange port??? I love your trees I hop old yellow makes an appearance soon :)

  4. Lather, rinse, repeat, I love your apple trees!! Most definitely worth a few singed fingers, especially if there's chocolate port wine nearby. Looks like you had some fun and over came the fabric restraints, as well. Cheers, indeed !!

  5. Oh that turned out fabulous and I'm LMBO at you getting down to the wire on your tulle because I did the exact same thing with my umbrella witch! Very impressed that you went outside to take those awesome pictures. That port sounds devine!

  6. I love your red apple tree, it was well worth all the drinking and finger burning!

  7. I have green tulle, yards of it, practically free from a yard sale. I have wondered what a person who does not like green can do with green tulle. Now, I know.


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