Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Journey into The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

This is definitely not a travel blog. 
 Usually I have to be dragged out of my quiet
 little world here with a heavy duty blindfold and LOTS of alcohol.

 So there I was, blindfolded and barely standing. 

 This trip was a little unexpected and somewhat spontaneous.
  My kids thought aliens had invaded my body.
They asked me what our family safety code word was and 
 I must have gotten it right cuz next thing I know, 
 I was sitting on the back of this bad boy, ready to
 start our journey to the most bizarre destination.....Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

  Why would we go there?  
  To visit The Tunnels of Moose Jaw!  

 They were amazing! 
This was the waiting area and gift shop.

I was ogling all the beautiful woodwork and brick, until I looked up and saw this

  Truly amazing, and these weren't the fake ceiling tiles either.  You can see my fascination for tiles and how I used them in my own home Here and Here!
When the tour started, I took this picture......

and was quickly told that there were no cameras allowed.
Except to take pictures of this beautiful cupboard that would look wonderful in my craft room.  A girl can dream.

This was the Passage to Fortune tour, which was probably the best tour, IMHO. 
  A shameful blemish in Canadian history!  

The other tour, Chicago Connection, was more for entertainment.  I must confess that I was ignorant to the fact that Canada also shared in the prohibition act.   Supposedly Al Capone spent time in these tunnels.
  If you happen to get to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, I would say do both tours.  Well worth the $25.00 entrance fee.
Now for the looooong ride home!
Thank God  prohibition was abolished as I don't think I could have done the journey home, on the back of the bike, sober.


  1. Giggling my head off right now. Are you sure you actually want to have a pillow from this hotel? It probably has bed bugs. I do want that cupboard!!! And, I never knew you were a harley mama. :) LOVE IT!

  2. Oh, I know it's bad to laugh at someone else's miseries... But with your hotel story, I just couldn't help it! I suddenly feel my under renovation cottage is worth $200 a night! I mean, I can't see my bathtub from my sofa! Or my bed! Now about that amazing piece of furniture you showed us... I'm a blogger, I want it.. I just wondered how it'll go through my tiny front porch door...

  3. Now I am not a fussy pants by any stretch of the imagination... but yikes. $200 a night? My awful pre-makeover bedroom is looking pretty good to me right now. Love that big beautiful cupboard, and those ceiling tiles are awesome. Some of the main street stores in the small town where I work still have their original painted ceiling tiles, and I'll go in just to gawk at them. Sometimes I actually buy something so they don't think I'm too weird.

  4. Those are some gorgeous ceiling tiles! I bet they didn't get them from Canada Ceiling Tile Company lol.

    I would have been less than thrilled with that room at $200 a night as well. Actually, I have stayed in much classier hotel rooms at far better prices than that. What's up with seeing the tub from the bed!? Very strange! I'm not sure I'd want the pillow, but if they had some nice bath robes, you should have stashed those in your suitcase ;)

  5. You crack me up! The Tunnels look like a fun place to visit...even if there are scofflaws taking pictures when they shouldn't. LOL! I'm unclear...was this a sponsored post for Days Inn??? LOL!

  6. As a fellow homebody, I understand the desire to have good experiences when you do venture out. It's duly disappointing when you spend extra cash for "nice" and don't get it. Glad the tours redeemed your trip. They look fun and educational.
    That cupboard would be great. Can you imagine all the STUFF one could display in there?

  7. Oh yeah, those ceilings! When I saw the first picture I immediately recalled the ceilings you installed in your home.

    Haha. Karen you always put a smile on my face. That hotel was so over priced! Yeah I agree with what Heather said above. Do you really want the pillows? haha.

    Anyways, just droppin girl!

  8. I want to know whom along the way (meaning what designer/ builders) decided that our homes no longer needed cabinetry like that and left it out when our homes went up? It would have saved us the trouble of trying to get cabinets like that in our homes after the fact.

    How fun that you took a trip to see the tunnels at Moose Jaw, Karen. And that you actually traveled by way of motorcycle!! Very daring!

    It looks like so much fun, I would stop there if I was in the area in a heart beat!

  9. They would have charged you a couple hundred dollars for the pillow. Geez!
    But that does look like an interesting tour. I didn't know good old Al was also hiding out in Canada. Lovely tiled ceilings. Too bad they wouldn't allow pictures on the tour, but I'm so glad you shared what you managed to sneak--LOL! ;)

  10. I love you, you'd be my favourite travel blogger if you were one. Sorry about the suite :( but the trip looked fun

  11. Oh, that first picture of you on that motorcycle made me travel in time :) I used to ride with my brother, the only one I trusted with those machines.:D When we are given a room this bad, my husband goes and talk to the guys at the front desk asking for another room, and guess what? they always have a nicer room.
    LOVE the cupboard and all the architectural detail the gift shop has, beautiful!

  12. What a fun trip - but 200.00 a night? In Saskatchewan? I can't believe it Karen - really I can't ?
    You could get a gorgeous room in downtown Montreal for that !!!!!!!
    When Garth Brooks daughter Taylor Mayne was born he mentioned that she had been conceived in Maine ( hence the name ) and that he had been in Moose Jaw the week before she was conceived and was grateful nothing had happened LMHO
    That cupboard is incredible - and those tin ceilings are amazing !


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