Thursday, August 7, 2014

Faux Concrete Countertop

My laundry room is a place of joy.  Oh how I long to be washing and folding laundry EVERY day!

 I have been working on this area for two years now.  I guess that's the turtle in me.

 I built this little cupboard to sit in between my washer and dryer, which is the center support for my counter.  Nothing is nailed down!  If I ever have to pull either appliance out, the whole assembly can come apart.

As you can see, the dryer is new!  It's probably the only three year old dryer that has never been used!  Maybe we just celebrated it's fourth birthday....I can't remember.  Happy birthday dryer and so long warranty!

I used some scrap OSB from my stash.   I didn't want to buy any plywood for this job
 as I was ninety nine percent sure this would be a fail!
Screwed two pieces together and added a front strip with glue and brads,
 to hide the edges and form an overhang.

I used Thinset (tile mortar) to cover the top.

 Spread it on evenly with a trowel.  If you close one eye, cock your head slightly, and punch yourself in the open eye, it's pretty even! 
Make sure you're wearing safety glasses first though....I'd hate for someone to put their eye out!

When it dried, I sanded the ridges down.  It was fairly easy sanding as I didn't even break a sweat,
 until I saw where the OSB had bubbled. 
I did what any DIYer would do;
 I  said a few choice words, cried a little, stomped my feet up and down, throwing the perfect temper tantrum.  Okay, I didn't really do that, but I think I did use some colorful words.  Not as colorful as when we were working on the dormers though.
 This OSB was getting used whether it wanted to or not!

And then two months later, I peeled off the trouble spots and added more mortar to the top.  I think plywood would have been a better choice, but who knew this would actually work.

I sealed the piece with Varathane and set it on two side brackets attached to the side walls and the center cupboard.

And here she is, my favorite room in the house.

And my name is Bill Gates!

The laundry room walls will be getting the same treatment as
  the master bedroom. which you can see here at Ghetto Inn....if you dare!

I would scare the hell out of myself if I actually finished a project completely.
   Although if you click here, you can see the complete
 barnboard K, partially pictured on the right side below. 
  K found her way to the laundry room countertop
 after she fell from a wall shelf.   Shes still intact!

I can't say if this is strong enough to use in a kitchen, but I am pretty certain it will hold up to some heavy duty laundry folding!   I don't think I would use one of those meat hammer tenderizer thingys, but I did have a metal basket with stray socks in it prior to the last coat of Thinset, and it didn't get scratched.  Now that's quite a feat....or is that feet?

   I was actually satisfied with it for two months prior to this post but 
 I decided to fix the bubbles for the blog!  Now that's dedication!

Mental note to self:  Screw on switch plate covers and absolutely no more tenderizing meat in the laundry room!
 Cheers from the Gates Family!


  1. Ah ha ha ha! I can so relate to that. I'd scare myself too (and the hubby) if I ever actually finished a room completely. I get bored so I roam from room to room doing random projects as the mood strikes. Most of it never makes it to the the blog. I think your counter top is amazing. I would never have thought to use thin set like that. Very, very clever. I'm glad the K survived the fall. It's awesome.

  2. That is something to keep in mind. Good job.

  3. Dear Bill,
    Why did you choose to show off your laundry room just the day I wrote post about my non-exitent laundry room? Are you trying to make me jealous? Because it's totally working. It's a shame about the meat tenderizing, though, because it's something really neat to do in a laudry...
    Happy laundry folding today!

  4. Here's the thing: Laundry is a necessary evil so why not complete the task in lovely surroundings? Your results are fantastic, and kudos to you for testing a creative theory AND having such an entertaining writing style. Bravo!

  5. I for one, am so glad that you fixed those bubbles before sharing with all of us.....truly, I'm sure you would have been on some major "Bad DIYer" list! All crazy kidding aside, I think you did an awesome job!

  6. This is no bahahaha project if you ask me. I absolutly love it! Have always wanted to try concrete counter tops but never thought of faux concrete counter tops. I would do laundry and love it in that room, lady!!

  7. I priced some of those and they wanted over $200 for them. For a f'ing counter top to sit on my washing machine? No, thank you! This is a great idea. One I will enlist hubby to do for me. If you hear the cussing from Indiana, don't take offense. He tends to do that with every project I toss his way ;)

  8. Brilliant Bill!! I love it but more than that you've solved a problem I've had for 6 years on my outdoor table xxx coloured grout would be cool too.

  9. Totally awesome!! I especially love that it comes apart if needs be. Looks great with your black and white walls, too. Clever, clever woman you are. :)

  10. I think this turned out great! I love the look of concrete, especially when it's mixed with homey touches, like outlets without their face plates :) I still think your K is too fun! Great project. I would have liked it bubbles and all, to be honest.

  11. You take on the biggest and best projects! I love this.
    Reading through your details, laughing all the way,

  12. Love this!! I've always wanted concrete tops and have been so intimidated. Leave it to you to give me faux version! You crack me up....sometimes some choice swears are just what is called for! So very cool! (The counter...not the swears. okay...maybe the swears too!)

  13. Ha, you're so funny, but hey, it looks awesome! I've never worked with concrete, but it looks like is about time to give it a try! Nice laundry room ;)

  14. Ooh I love this, it turned out great! The very first sentence in this post made me start chuckling. I think you feel the same way about laundry as I do! ;) I'm so glad to be in such great company as the Gates family! I'd love to re-do my laundry closet someday, that's on the list down the road. Concrete tops is a fantastic idea.

  15. I don't even know... what the heck are you doing or did... I think laundry was involved..oh my gosh! You are hilarious! And I could use that dryer you know! Have fun folding! Was this brought to us by the letter K? Oh and I might have nightmares about meat tenderizing in the laundry room ... for some reason, that gives me the creeps.

  16. Bill, I never thought I'd say this, but you're a damn genius.


  17. Yeah...what Andi said.

    I never even knew what OSB was until we found out about it two months ago. We are using it for a storage area under the deck. So far, so good.


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