Thursday, August 7, 2014

Faux Concrete Countertop

 I have been working on this area for two years now.  (Turtle)
 I built this little cupboard to sit in between my washer and dryer, which is the center support for my counter.  Nothing is nailed down!  If I ever have to pull either appliance out, the whole assembly comes apart.
I used some scrap OSB from my stash as  I didn't want to buy any plywood for this job
  I was ninety nine percent sure this would be a fail!
Two layers of OSB were used  and I added a front strip with glue and brads,
 to hide the edges and also form an overhang.
Thinset mixed to manufactures specs.

 Spread it on evenly with a trowel.  If you close one eye, cock your head slightly, and punch yourself in the open eye, it's pretty even! 

When it dried, I sanded the ridges down and added another coat.

I sealed the piece with a few coats of water based Varathane.  Brackets were mounted on both side walls.  The counter sits on top of these brackets and also on top of the center cupboard.
And here she is, my favorite room in the house.....just kidding.
*If I do this again I will use plywood.*

The laundry room walls will be getting the same treatment as
  the master bedroom. which you can see here at Ghetto Inn....if you dare!

Click Here and  you can see the completed barnboard  
  K.  She found her way to the laundry room countertop
 after she fell from a wall shelf and she's still intact!
I can't say this would be strong enough to use in a kitchen, but I am pretty certain it will hold up to some heavy duty laundry folding!