Friday, August 15, 2014

Hollow Core Door Hangers

A hanger for a hollow door can be a real challenge.  You can buy the "hang over the door" models which scratch the bejeebers out of your finish, or you can risk a cup hook screwed into a thin veneer, and store your flyswatter on it.

  In my master bedroom makeover, I have two doors.  A new door and an old door.  Not wanting to rip the old door out and replace it with a new one, I decided to put moldings on it to mimic the new one.

After two more coats of paint,
 I was still left with a flimsy hollow core door. 
 Note the two holes drilled in the door in the above picture.
They go right through to the other side of the door.
I went to my old stash of wood and after a few slivers, scrounged these.

 I drilled some clearance holes in the barn board for nuts and washers so the heads would be below the surface.  Some white molding was added to the top and bottom of the barn board to mimic my door and window trims.

  Hooks were attached to the barn board.  I used a scrap piece of molding to set the hooks at the same height from the top.

 I placed a barn board hook assembly on each side of the door.  A bolt with a washer was put through both and secured with a washer and nut on the other side of the door.  The above door picture is the bolt side and the below picture is the nut side Note only one side of the door has molding on it.  The other side is my closet/ laundry room. 

Now to cover the unsightly bolt heads and nuts....
 I scrounged some old wooden door knobs and cut off the necks,
 put them in a box to spray them
silver!  A few coats were needed.

 Pulled out my trusty glue gun and hot glued those babies right over the fasteners.
I now have a place for all those designer work clothes to hang!