Friday, August 15, 2014

Hollow Core Door Hangers

A hanger for a hollow door can be a real challenge.  You can buy the "hang over the door" models which scratch the bejeebers out of your finish, or you can risk a cup hook screwed into a thin veneer, and store your flyswatter on it.

  In my master bedroom makeover, I have two doors.  A new door and an old door.  Not wanting to rip the old door out and replace it with a new one, I decided to put moldings on it to mimic the new one.

After two more coats of paint,
 I was still left with a flimsy hollow core door. 
 Note the two holes drilled in the door in the above picture.
They go right through to the other side of the door.
I went to my old stash of wood and after a few slivers, scrounged these.

 I drilled some clearance holes in the barn board for nuts and washers so the heads would be below the surface.  Some white molding was added to the top and bottom of the barn board to mimic my door and window trims.

  Hooks were attached to the barn board.  I used a scrap piece of molding to set the hooks at the same height from the top.

 I placed a barn board hook assembly on each side of the door.  A bolt with a washer was put through both and secured with a washer and nut on the other side of the door.  The above door picture is the bolt side and the below picture is the nut side Note only one side of the door has molding on it.  The other side is my closet/ laundry room. 

Now to cover the unsightly bolt heads and nuts....
 I scrounged some old wooden door knobs and cut off the necks,
 put them in a box to spray them
silver!  A few coats were needed.

 Pulled out my trusty glue gun and hot glued those babies right over the fasteners.
I now have a place for all those designer work clothes to hang!



  1. You are brilliant!! What a great solution. Love the silver door knobby cover thingies. My hubby can catch flies in the air with his bare hands. Not that that's anything to brag about. I, on the other hand, don't possess this skill and I could definitely use a tutorial on correct fly swatting so I can improve my accuracy. Great job Karen! I love the moldings too!

  2. My dogs would be pretty ticked if I got rid of the flies. They are their main source of amusement in the summer. And I get amused watching them try to bite the flies. You did a great job on the door! And honestly, I would much rather see some craftsman's clothes on the hook than rags from Chanel ;)

  3. You did a wonderful job. That is clever, making it two-sided, Theresa, bring the dogs over. I had about 100 flies in one window and 50 in the kitchen window. My vacuum, flypaper, electronic flyswatter and flying insect spray are being employed. I might as well add a few dogs to the arsenal.

  4. You are a genius! I have some hollow core bi-folds that I was beginning to regret...but not anymore!! Love the silver knob additions too. As for the probably will do a post like that!

  5. You have a true gift!! This turned out perfectly. Useful and damn good-looking, too. :)

  6. That's a fantastic idea I love the hooks but the frame on the old doors is genius I wnt o try that. Btw I have the same designer ;)

  7. I've done the frames on doors but that hook system is fantastic Karen !!!
    The door looks fabulous - and I hope you have that sweatshirt in every color - like a true fashionista lol

  8. Such nice work and what a crisp, clean look it has due to your workmanship. This is a really helpful tutorial for anyone wanting to get add storage space to their hollow door. We have a one in the basement that I wanted to re-use but had no idea how to make the hollow door thing work. Now I do. Can't wait to see your flyswatter creation;)

  9. Such a great set up! This is definitely going on my honey's honey-do list. :) All that talk of washers and nuts and bolts and.....SPEAK AMERICAN DANGIT! When I finally move up there onto our compound, you'll have to teach me all you know because I'm not even sure I know the difference between a wrench and a lathe. I super want this on my en suite's door going in and out also. More space for me to hang crap on. YES! I'm just saying, we currently have the crappy one that hooks over the top of the door and I hate it. I am sure the husband would love this as he hates clutter. I bet he'd much rather see my clutter hanging up than in a pile on the floor. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I see we share the same designer for our summer clothes!

  11. This project is right down my alley! I love how the door looks now, and you added a hook system...Genius!

  12. Great idea for the door! I love the hooks too. We recently created an entry and installed several hooks on three pieces to hang. My hubby mounted the pieces to the wall, then counter sunk the screws and placed the hooks over the screws so you can't even tell how it's mounted. I thought it was genius! Love the wood you chose to mount your hooks on! Have a lovely day!

    Blessings, Vicky

  13. I desperately need something like this in my garage door hallway. Love your version! And the door looks fantastic! Great job! Happy Saturday!

  14. Well, aren't you the clever one! I think this is called......making lemonade out of lemons, but I'm sure you have your own choice phraseology for just such occasions! It truly does look very good.


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