Saturday, August 23, 2014

Canned Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa
3 Red Mangoes
3 Red Pepper
2 large Oranges peeled
1 Sweet onion
2-3 Jalapenos
2 green onions
1/3 to 1/2 cup lime juice
1 TBSP Amchur (Green Mango Powder)
1 TBSP grated ginger (optional)
salt to taste

Dice all ingredients and mix.  Add lime juice.
I found it to be very liquid, but no worries as it thickened in the canning process.
I sterilized 5 pint jars and lids.
  Each jar was filled to 1/2 below the top, except the fifth jar. It was only 3/4 full so it went in the fridge and was consumed in about three minutes.
Then I felt like that guy that saw a double rainbow on YouTube a few years ago.
Crazy guy.

Dropped them in the water bath and processed them for thirty minutes.
Hopefully this prevents any botulism from happening, 

 I will let someone else do a taste
 test before I dare dip my chip in there.
  Kinda the way royalty had tasters and that's why,
 It's salsa for a queen!



  1. That mango salsa would be yummy on some grilled chicken! The dessert looks tasty too. Wish I had a bowl of it right about now...:) Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Yum!! Lol taste testers, if they get sick gift the rest of the jars to nasty people. Dannis dessert is on my list to make too.

  3. Wow, you have been busy! The Mango Salsa looks so good, and the best part is that it does not have Cilantro in it -- I REALLY do not like Cilantro! I haven't canned anything since we moved to AZ from OR. In OR I was a true "Hunter & Gatherer," but not a hunter as in shooting Bambies or anything. More like hunting down the best place to go and gather the fruits and vegetables that would line my pantry shelves!

    Okay, about that dessert -- it looks very blueberryish & yummy, but I don't think it would fit into my 1200 calorie-a-day starvation plan, but I'm going to go PIN it anyway -- just for future reference!

  4. I'm sitting here eating hummus and pita chips and wishing I was eating your mango salsa! It's not only pretty but I bet it tastes as great as it looks! I have never heard of Amchur but I'm going to look for it at the store. I'm glad you are liking the dessert! I'm making peach crumble tonight for the in-laws. Pretty soon it will be apple season and it's great for apple crumble too. Like I needed an excuse for more butter in my diet. Thanks for the shout-out my friend!

  5. I'm not much of a salsa girl, but the berry crumble...
    I had to copy that recipe. ;)

  6. My husband and I just watched the video and we can't stop laughing, Oh my God!! I think I was crying a little myself, too.
    Your Fit for a Queen/ OMG Mango Salsa looks so, so tasty, and I can't stop staring at the pretty red bowls and shiny lids, either ;)

  7. Did you peel the oranges? or not?

  8. I don't think I have ever heard of mango salsa before, but I am so going to have to try it. Pinning! What else do you think it pairs well with, besides chips?

    And, jeez! Is the double rainbow guy on crack? I have never seen someone so emotional over a double rainbow. Sure, they are cool and all, but not so much so where you are flipping out over it for more than 3 minutes lol.

  9. I love mangoes almost as much as I love my husband. This salsa looks AWESOME, but I am afraid of canning. I had a pressure cooker accident once.

  10. Ha, two great recipes I need to forward to my kids. Yep, they're the ones in charge of salsas and baking ;) and they do a really good job! Btw they're also the tasters on this lands, I don't like to taste what I cook, hmmm poor guys! :)

  11. YUMMM!! I love mango salsa. I've never heard of green mango powder though. Guessing it's either in the spice aisle or the Latin aisle. Going to have to look around next time I'm grocery shopping. I also love having taste-testers for my canned goods. Kind of feel slightly guilty when they're my own children....but....I figure I've been eating my mom's canned goods for my entire life and haven't had a problem, I'm pretty sure since I over process everything, we'll be fine. :) Yum to the crumble too.

  12. Dear Queen,
    While you're at it, ask your taster to do the housework, then, you'll feel really regal!

  13. Oh my gosh! I needed to laugh today! I know I'm behind... the cows tail again! But your salsa!!! Sounds amazing! I want to see the rainbow! And the shiny lid! I'm easily distracted too... menopause is on my doorstep... oh and I'm hot as heck too! What WERE we talking about again :-)

  14. Oh yummy! I wish we lived closer so we could exchange yummy stuff like this, although this year I did no canning so I'd have to make you a cake or something. :) The berry crumble also looks yummy, I'm pinning both! But really, the highlight was the guy seeing the double rainbow. He must have been smoking something, ha! Although I can understand getting a little excited over a double rainbow. :)


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