Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rocket Stove / Pizza Oven...Part 2

We are in the process of building a wood fired pizza oven for our deck.  That damn Deck seems to be getting all the attention.  Deck wanted stairs, Deck got stairs.  Deck wanted chairs, you guessed it, Deck got them.  Deck wants pizza oven/rocket it comes. 

  This won't be the traditional, "build your fire" in the oven kind.
 It will be fired from a rocket stove. 
The minute I heard of a rocket stove, I had grand ideas of heating the house, the garage, the barn,  the outbuildings, the sidewalks and the driveway with this baby!  I would never have to shovel again, just light a fire.  Unfortunately, our sidewalk is too long, and the driveway is even longer, and really, after eating all that pizza, a little shoveling would probably do me good!
Off to the scrap yard we went!

   We found enough material to get us started, and headed to the scale for a good wallet beating!!!!

 I use the term "We" loosely throughout this post.  He (Mr FT) is the we , I'm just the helper, but I was busy cutting some  stainless steel tubing for the grate.  I figured  I earned at least two years worth of pizza for that!  

   He used two Sanke kegs to build the burn chamber,

When working with kegs, always make sure they are depressurized before attempting any of this or you might end up on a one way trip to the moon.
 or like my first episode with a keg, swimming in a beer bath.
Hmmmmm that probably sounds kinda fun to the right person.

 Stainless steel tubing was cut perfectly  to build the grate. 
 (had to add that for pizza points)

   We  also scrounged some stainless steel that was already bent into a U at the scrap yard.  The piece was cut in half, a center platform was added, and the U was welded together to form a box.   This created the wood feeder and the combustion air intake..

Two supports were attached to the inside of the bottom keg for the amazingly  fitted grate to sit on. (more pizza points)

The top of one keg, and the top and bottom of another, were cut out.
  The two kegs were stacked and welded together.

Mr. FT fitted the box to the burn chamber, and cut and welded it altogether.

And now for the moment Mr FT has been waiting for...

  Oh come a little.  
 It's not one of those 5 minute videos of blabbing YouTubers.... 
 It's under a minute!  Not even half a minute. 
 In fact it probably took you longer to read this than
 if you would have just watched the video!

Stay tuned!
Click here for part one.
Click here for part three.

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  1. I cannot wait to see what happens next! I've never seen a rocket stove before...I've never shoveled a sidewalk, been to a keg party or a scrap yard. I live under a rock. But I have eat my fair share of pizza :-)

  2. I'm so jealous! I've been after a pizza oven for years, can't wait for pt3

  3. That is one cool contraption! My hubby could totally build one of those...he's very handy. I look forward to part 3!

  4. You guys build the COOLEST things! I watched that video twice just to hear the crackling of fire. Deck better appreciate everything you guys have done for her. I can't wait to see the next part!

  5. Ahahaha! I was watching the video and my hubby was calling my dog in from outside. He thought the crackling was her nails going across our deck lol.

    Now, on topic. We are building on to our deck, so I feel you on what a pia it is! I think your pizza oven is just the neatest thing! When do I get to come over for a slice of that pizza? I do hope you at least share some images from all the yummy pizzas you make in it!

  6. yippe, so happy to see you linked up this week. love this !Thank you for sharing and for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Watch for your feature on Monday xo

  7. I can almost taste the pizza, and I hear you on the shovelling. I joke that it's the only exercise I get all winter. You guys are pretty amazing with all your cool skills. When I come over for pizza I'll bring the Pringles.

  8. Mmmmm......I can almost smell the wood smoke! Don't ya love it? Personally, I think anyone who leaves a comment on this should be invited to pizza! Who's with me??!!

  9. Wow, you guys are ambitious and crafty. I love that thing. Originally, the term 'rocket stove' gave me some anxiety. What could be cooler than a flame throwing beer keg pizza cooker???

  10. Where's Bob Villa? He needs to feature this!! This is dynamite and you two amaze me with your skills. Count me in on the pizza party! Can't wait to see part 3

  11. Deck is so lucky... In my next life I want to be Deck! I also love blog-magic that allows me to make my readers think that I work on the Cottage while all I do lately is getting lessons ready and that allows us to see the next bling on Deck next week ;)

  12. Oh you know I've been waiting for this! I already showed it to Sam and he said, "Damn! Those guys are awesome!" Tis true!! Looking forward to part 3.

  13. Never have seen anything like this, but it looked like it would make burnt pizza--LOL! Do you use some kind of charcoal in there, too, or just wood? I love the sound of a good fire. Could almost smell the wood smoke, baby! Ahhh! ;)

  14. I "watched" the video once, then played it again with my sound turned up, looked at my husband and said "Why can't YOU do that???" I have a wee rocket stove and a cast iron skillet for hurricane season but haven't had to use it yet. I assume it will be moved to the deck, because the deck asked for it. Then it will be encased in brick (even though your deck said it prefers stone). Now I want to see how you cook pizza without burning it, and without standing on a ladder.

  15. So glad to meet you! You guys are so cool!!! A pizza oven made out of beer kegs! That is so AWESOME! We have a beer cooler fridge sitting in our garage that's leftover from a former basement mancave. Maybe I should suggest making something out of it! Ha! He's not a handyman! So looking forward to the next installment!

  16. Wait....what? A beer bath? Yes, please. Ummmm where does the pizza go? I mean, other than in my belly when it's done. I gotsta know!!


  17. Gosh, Deck is kind of a d**k. So demanding. I am sitting here, completely unable to comprehend the awesomeness I am looking at. And maybe wiping drool from my chin thinking about the quantities of pizza that will be cooked on this baby.

  18. Oh my goodness, Karen, now I understand the name! Will you be cooking or cremating the food? Just kidding! Great video!


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