Monday, January 23, 2012

Building Wine Storage

Saturday, I dove right into my wine storage solution.
 The sonotube wine rack just wasn't cutting it.  You can see that project here! 
 More storage is needed as our winery is growing.
  One can only make so much jam when you have an abundance of raspberries.
  So we took up the art of winemaking.  I shared our raspberry wine recipe here!  
  I bought some plywood sheathing as  a wine bottle doesn't really care what kind of wood it gets to rest on....does it?  I guess I should have asked!
  I  had the lumber store cut the wood into more manageable pieces; 13"x48" strips.  I cut the smaller pieces for the shelves,  at home.   For each unit I cut 2 - 13"x42" pieces,
4 - 13"x40 1/2" pieces, 6 - 13x13" pieces.   I assembled all four units........

I used my trusty label maker and labeled all the different wines. 

I guess I could paint the shelving but it kind of matches the pine shelving in our cold room already.  So meh......I will leave it for now.
Plus I don't think I could be trusted with a paintbrush once I sample the product.
 Looks like we need to make a lot more wine.

Check out my new wine labelling system.  It's perfect now!!