Monday, January 16, 2012

Embarassing Office/Craftroom

Okay...I must share my room before I started the big organize-cleanup.   It became a room for dumping.  (fade in music from jaws)

Some old thrift store find curtains.

 Hallway gone.  Now it is open, thus creating a more efficient work space!

With a trip to Ikea,  a little more figuring, organizing, label making, box searching, lamp hanging, cord routing, purging,  floor sweeping-mopping,
more organizing, purging, crying, and more purging, ......   May I present
My Office/Craft Room Studio!

I really need to shorten that curtain!  

OK....So I still have a bit of purging to do.  But at least I can find things.
One day I will paint all the shelves that I built too. 

My sister had an awesome idea.
She said to move my printer in the closet
and it would free up desk space.
It did.

 I now have room on the desk to work from both sides.  I can push my sewing
machine out of the way for more work space.

 My clearance glitzy girly light from Ikea.  $4.99

My awesome label maker, doing a great job.

I still have a few things I would like to do but I am so much happier working in my new craft room  STUDIO!!