Monday, January 16, 2012

Embarassing Office/Craftroom

Okay...I must share my room before I started the big organize-cleanup.   It became a room for dumping.  (fade in music from jaws)

Some old thrift store find curtains.

 Hallway gone.  Now it is open, thus creating a more efficient work space!

With a trip to Ikea,  a little more figuring, organizing, label making, box searching, lamp hanging, cord routing, purging,  floor sweeping-mopping,
more organizing, purging, crying, and more purging, ......   May I present
My Office/Craft Room Studio!

I really need to shorten that curtain!  

OK....So I still have a bit of purging to do.  But at least I can find things.
One day I will paint all the shelves that I built too. 

My sister had an awesome idea.
She said to move my printer in the closet
and it would free up desk space.
It did.

 I now have room on the desk to work from both sides.  I can push my sewing
machine out of the way for more work space.

 My clearance glitzy girly light from Ikea.  $4.99

My awesome label maker, doing a great job.

I still have a few things I would like to do but I am so much happier working in my new craft room  STUDIO!!


  1. This is why I'm not a crafter. I would never be able to dig out of my house, my garage is bad enough. :)

  2. This is so terrific! Love the organization. Love the curtain - LOVE the deal on the IKEA light! Lucky you!

  3. I am so jealous! My craft room (aka Bigfoot's old room) is just a day away from Hoarders too!! Love labeling things too! I so wish we had an IKEA near us. The closest to me is in New Jersey I think... :-( Wanna run back to the store for me & grab one of those lights? I think I'm in love.... Beautiful job!

  4. Completely jealous! I love your craft room! Awesome job!


  5. OMGoodness...Makeover of the year!! The room looks sooo awesome!! Amazing room! I would LOVE for you to come share today over at

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow. I would have totally closed the door and never gone back in there again. You did an awesome job. Stopping by from Katherine's Corner.

  7. Love seeing the transformation! I really like the glitzy girly light - it is so pretty.

    Happy Favorite Things Thursday.

  8. You have a very cool blog thanks for your visit!

  9. I love the white theme! The curtain is also a great idea to cover up boxes and make the room more cozy.

  10. Well done, it turned out beautifully!Thank you for joining in the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Big Hugs!

  11. I have to admit I am jealous. I would love to have a space of my own.

  12. Your amazing and I had to feature this make over! Check out the party tomorrow and grab a button!!

  13. Amazing transformation...Oh you should see my craft closet!! You have given me great inspiration!

  14. Featured this on my site today :)

  15. I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your « Impossibility Challenge » post – this thing called “work” got in the way! But I’m here now and it’s great to read about your Craft Room makeover- that was a huge job but you did a really great job. It looks like you have a great inspirational space now! I'm very envious!!
    Congratulations on making your impossibility possible!

  16. Your craft room is fabulous - you must be crafting up a storm in there! Don't be embarrassed of those before pics (have you seen my basement?!) - with an after like that, that's all that matters! Thanks for linking this up to our challenge too. Following in GFC and the new Linky Follower too

  17. Thanks so much for linking this up too. I love the combo of black, white and pink, and boy do I heart a label maker. :)

  18. Absolutely love your Studio!!! I am trying to set up my craft/painting studio myself, and it will be in my basement as well, so I may be stealing (oops) borrowing some of your ideas! :D Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!! Thanks again!

  19. Oh I can totally relate. We just recently cleaned up the basement.. well, almost finished... and we took "before" pictures. We hated documenting that we really were hoarders, but then we thought "hey, maybe we could send these photos in and THEY will come clean up for us!" Brilliant idea, but I needed to get it done quicker for an appraisal. Maybe one day I'll post them and then you'll feel awesome. I still need to get organized though. If only someone would buy me a label maker, I'm sure I could do it... :)

  20. Wow, I was blown away with the transformation. It is very pretty. I wish I can have a crafts room for myself. unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of space. Terrific Job! K! I just love before and after.


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