Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Hope We All Make A Lot Of Mistakes!

Happy New Years!   
My hope for this year is to make mistakes....cuz if I am not making mistakes, then I am not trying new things!   If I am not trying new things, then I am not learning and experiencing life.

   We have been feverishly working on  tiling in our new bathroom.  Our first step was to level the floor in our 100 year plus old home.  Previous tenants had punished the old girl by removing a support wall on the main floor...yikes.  We realized that the basement supports consisted of three 6x6 Douglas Fir posts, two of which were rotted.  We dug, mixed concrete, and teleposted.   Now that our house is a  better supported, I can sleep at night.  We built the support wall on the main floor, laid out where the other wall will be, and started to level the floor.   We cut cement board in 5 1/2 inch strips.   The tubing was laid in between each strip.  The Dremel with a diamond blade.....and then carbide discs (cause we wore out the diamond blade) was used to curve the cement board for the corners.  This worked great.   We had to install the bathtub and build the walls around the tub area before we could lay the tile.  Unfortunately the tiles we used in the kitchen were in low supply.  We found some tiles at one of the big box building stores to coordinate.  We worked out a pattern that was acceptable to both of us.  This actually took a few days to do. 

 Grouting will be done in a few days.  I will post some pictures as soon as that's done!
 Updated grouting pics.  CLICK HERE