Monday, January 9, 2012

Grouting With No Pouting... 101

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Yes we grouted on Saturday.  No pouting was involved.  They say couples should hire a marriage councillor when renovating, but I must say we work and fight very well together.  The dormer build Click Here To See It ,  was probably our second hardest test.  We passed with flying colors, with a  lot  few colorful words coming out of my mouth.   Our first project, excluding our chicken shed, was an extension onto our 108 year old house.  That was a long and trying task.  We came out of that project  dealing with much knowledge but tired bones.   We took a long break.  I think we had a case of The Renovation Burnout.  When the roof on the old house needed to be dealt with, we were back in reno mode.   This was when my decision to start blogging came to light.  I had been blog hopping and admiring from afar, and thought, I could do that.  So here I am, with my feet on the heat vent getting toasty warm, (we have an ancient furnace that blows hot air) armed with my laptop, yammering on and on while you're thinking, get on with this gibberish.....where's the darn pictures?
Without further adieu, I give you

Please stay tuned for the start to the new master bedroom.  We have to vacate our old bedroom for more plumbing and behind the scenes kinda things.  I will be posting in one week or so, as this week will be a write off with appointments and life!  Except a blog hop party that I hope you will all join.  Oh yah.....I've been working on another big project also.   So as soon as I head to Ikea, and finish the top secret task, I will post about it!
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  1. hi karen looks like u and ur family are bz with the reno works. my blog has problem thats why i am invisible in the blog world. i hate this malware thing... i am excited to see the finish master bath.

    pursuit of functional home

  2. Your tile turned out awesome!!! I'm trying to just keep that go for it attitude to projects that may seem a bit big for me to try, you never know til you give it the effort@

  3. So when will this be done so we can come visit? Lol Nice job!

  4. oooh a trip to IKEA. I'll be here. :)

  5. Wow your bathroom it looking amazing! I grouted just a small portion of a bathroom in our old house and it was tough. You guys did a lot of work and it looks great! Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. Oh my goodness that looks awesome!!!well done!Thank you for participating in the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo


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