Thursday, November 29, 2012

Advent Calendar (s)

The countdown begins.  My forty year old kids still like their advent calendars.  Okay, they aren't forty yet,  but I personally know they will still want them at forty!....A mother knows!!  

The process...
These drawer fronts were purchased from the Re-Store.  We were going to use them in the bathroom, but the size just didn't work.  They are maple.

Painted the backs.

I used watchmaker cases.  Cut 2 1/2 inch circles and sprayed the front side of the circles with adhesive and stuck them to the back of the glass.

Drew my picture on the front x 2

Started painting.  Not my strong suit.

Finished painting.  The snowflake on the mailbox is to cover up the kids names on the mailbox. Unfortunately my painted snowflakes wouldn't be so perfect.

I had laid out 24 cases on the boards to ensure that this would work....whew!

For nice crisp edges, I used straight edges on the sides so I could butt the tins right up to the layout lines.

I used gorilla glue but I found it was more hassle than it was worth.  The glue expanded out the edges and never held in the end.   Next time....HOT GLUE! and screws!

Got everything lined up.  Picture number 2 in the background. 

I drilled a pilot hole and secured each one with a screw. 
Filled with candy.
I had these hanger in my stash, which came in a picture hanging kit from the dollar store.

 layout so it would be equal on each side.  
Attached hangers to each side.
Made a bow to sit in the center of the ribbon at the hanging point.

Secured ribbon bow to the long piece of ribbon with wire.

Tied the ribbon to the hanger and stapled the tails to the back of the frame.

Cut out a stencil on the Cricut.  "Sharpied" in all the numbers, as I didn't have any sticky vinyl.  I think I might change this to vinyl next year.

And times two....


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