Monday, December 3, 2012

A Christmas TableCloth

My sister, who knows how much I hate to sew, put me on to this beauty.  So "freakin" easy.....but I still don't like to sew.  She told me to "You Tube" the 10 minute block;  so I did.....Here's the link I used.  I must confess, this was a slap together kinda tablecloth and I hope any guests that come over don't look at the backside cuz it's a mess!
Here we go!
I chose five fabrics but you can use three.  Made a 10 x 10 template from cardboard, and cut 4 pieces of each color.  That's 20 pieces.  That will make 4 blocks.

This is kinda weird, but you are left with a puffy center square whose edges can be rolled over, like in the picture below.  It kind of reminds me of a cathedral quilt.

I rolled the edge over, pressed and stitched down.
All 4 blocks sewn together!

Fabric chosen for perimeter.

Folded in half and sewn to edge of tablecloth.


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  1. For somebody that hates sewing you did an awesome job!! Looks Great!!!!!

  2. This is super cute! You did an awesome job. I am visiting from the CHQ blog hop and I am your newest follower. Would love if you could come by for a visit.


  3. It looks so good! It really turned out well. I can relate to the "I hate to sew" thing, so I'm doubly impressed. :)

  4. Beautiful table cloth! I really love the blue fabric with the red flowers!

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  5. Wow it looks so great, and no one is ever going to look underneath! I am pinning, I may want to try it, I love the cute diamond shapes in the middle!

  6. Oh I love this!! Taking a lot of small bits of pretty and making a quilt or table cloth is so amazing! I wish I could sew better. Perhaps it's time to dust off my sewing machine! :)What Jean Likes Blog {HERE}

  7. Adorable table cloth, I love the candy-cane striped fabric! You should sew more often, it turned out great :)


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