Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hand Cream or Body Lotion Recipe

I would like to share my recipe for hand cream.   And when I say my recipe, I actually mean to say Lynden House Recipe  It's pretty simple and makes for a great cream.  Just add more water and you have body lotion. 

 Their Recipe:

Basic Hand Cream
What You Need
1 tablespoons Sodium Laurel Sulfate Liquid
½ cup Cetyl Alcohol Flakes
2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
2 tablespoons liquid glycerin
1 tablespoon stearic acid
2 1/2 cups warm water
1 teaspoon fragrance oil or essential oil
1 drop color
1 Vitamin E Capsule
1/2 teaspoon Germal Plus (preservative)
Place first 5 ingredients in a double boiler.  Stir until crystals are dissolved and becomes transparent. If any of the crystals are not dissolved, you will have little particles in the cream once it is made that you cannot get rid of. If particles appear on your spoon, wipe it off with a paper towel before using to stir the mixture again. Mixture may appear "gummy". Remove from heat. Then add water, fragrance, dye, vitamin E and mix well. Allow to cool slightly. Beat with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Pour into containers. Avoid contact with eye area when using.


 I actually changed this up as I didn't have any stearic acid on hand, so I added 1/8 cup of cocoa butter instead.  I added the liquid Germall as I am not sure how long it will sit. 
In the past, I have added 1/8th of a cup vodka instead and it seemed just fine.  If I plan on using it up in a few weeks, I skip all of the preservatives. Remember, you are putting this stuff on your skin. 

 I made this in the microwave instead of a double boiler!

I melted the SLS, cetyl alcohol, almond oil, glycerine, and cocoa butter in a glass bowl for 1 minute.  It was stirred and put back in microwave for 30 more seconds.  You may have to adjust your time according to the power of your microwave.

I put melted liquid into a mixing bowl.  Added water and mixed.  The cream gets thicker the longer it is mixed.  After a few minutes, I added the coloring, vitamin E and fragrance oil.  
Made a few labels.

I found containers online a few years ago  HERE.

Made a few bags using tulle that I had in my stash..  Sewed the sides and tied with a ribbon.

For the body lotion, use more warm water.  The recipe that Lynden House provides, uses 4 cups of warm water.

This is a Canadian site that supplies soap making products. Lynden House
 For Americans, I would definitely use The Chemistry Store.  
No I am not being paid by these companies, they are just ones I have purchased from in the past.  I love The Chemistry Store but unfortunately they only ship UPS.
Makes great Christmas gifts! Last year I made gift baskets which included my homemade soap.

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