Thursday, December 6, 2012

Giant Hula Hoop Wreath

Here is a bit of trivia that most people don't know.   The hula hoop was actually invented to make giant wreath forms. 
  When shopping for a three foot wreath form and seeing the three foot high price tags, you quickly come to realize the logic in my first sentence!
I used two hula hoops.  The first one, is left intact.  The second one was taken apart at the joint, cut to the desired length, and joined with a bit of "Tuck Tape" new friend!  I used wire to secure the two together.  I also added  a hanger at this point.

I wrapped the form in tulle.

Decided tulle wouldn't be enough so it was wrapped in burlap.

Still needed something more....

I cut a long piece of burlap in half and sewed it into a long tube.

I ran a length of wire pre-measured to the diameter of the wreath.

Using butchers twine, I secured the burlap at one end,  to the back of the form, in the center of the wreath.

It was secured every 8 inches or so, and gathered evenly around the wreath.

All done!

Next step is to pull the burlap apart and center it over the two sides of the form.  I flipped it over and secured the tube of burlap catching each side as I went around the back.

Much better!

Added ribbon and a bow.

A few embellishments.  Shiny!

And hung it above my stairs!


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