Sunday, December 23, 2012

FUNNY Gift Bags

 I love when people laugh.  The internet is full of laughs.  After a bit of surfing and saving, I found these awesome cartoons and then some.....not blog appropriate!  I have to admit that some of this was done last year.    There are a few I have printed this year and added to the ones from last year.

I sprayed a piece of 8x11 1/2 paper with spray adhesive.

I cut some white broadcloth to the same measurement as the paper......

Ironed the broadcloth to the sticky side of the paper. 

Positioned it in the printer.....

Found my saved cartoon and set it up for printing.....

Printed it using the high quality setting.

Peeled it off the paper.....(which I reused 5 more times)

Final product!  Ready to sew into gift bags.  Cartoon says....Santa!  Just Another Guy Trying To Get Into Your Stockings!

Trial position.  (Poor Mr. Potato Head left his most valuable part at home)

I ironed down the hem so that I could sew along the crease, to keep everything straight.

Pinned it into position.  This bag is for my Dad's gift.   I had to leave the white border on this one so that my gift would fit inside.  If I was stockpiling gift bags, I would have made a smaller bag.

Sewed along the crease.

Sewed the back to the front with right sides together.

Ironed the top over for a finished edge.

Stitched as close to the edge as I could.

Zigzagged all the inside seams.

Pulled Ribbon through at the seam.

This bag has a button hole for the ribbon.  I used the side seam to pull the ribbon through on all the other bags.  That's what happens when slackers sew!

I had printed this picture last year and used my glitter paint on the left edges of the tree.

These two will be be gift bags for the Lavender Heat Bags that I make annually for my Dad and a few others.

I turned this printout into a wine gift bag.

Happy Bag Making!

This will be my last post until the New Years.  I am looking forward to many more projects completed in 2013! 
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and good cheer to all others celebrating at this time of year!  I hope 2013 brings Peace, Love, Health,  and Happiness to all!

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