Friday, December 21, 2012

Tea Advent Calendar

This is a quickie, inexpensive, last minute gift that you can whip up with a quick trip to the dollar store and grocery store.  You could use dollar store tea too, if your dollar store has stocked shelves......ours didn't!.
 I spied these "wreath shaped plates" and a pre-made advent calendar clothespin "doodad" thingys at the dollar store.

I dismantled the advent clothespin "doodad" thingy and started glueing them on the plate.

"Wow" I said to myself.  How cool that they fit, leaving the perfect opening at the top for a bow.  Then I lifted the plate up and saw #4.............
Damn # 4 hiding under my mess.  
Did a bit of shuffling, and repositioning of the bow.

 Added the tea to the clothespin advent   "doodads"

Project cost was under $10.00

Just a quick gift for a neighbor or teacher!  This is going to my sister in-law!  Shes loves to get her drink on!


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  1. That's brilliant, I don't really drink coffe, tea on the other hand is like crack, and the rest of my family are the same. Great gift

  2. Ah ha...sorry about number 4!! Turned out great. This is a clever clever gift/calendar! Love it! I need to go to the dollar Store. Haven't been in ages!

  3. This is soo interesting! I am gonna try it too...
    I am one of the co-hosts of the aloha Friday Blog Hop. Thank you so much for linking up. Have a nice day :)

  4. TEANZO 1856 has a cute Tea Advent Calendar, loaded with delicious loose leaf teas and 24 filters.


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