Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Apple Christmas Tree

You might or might not remember my apple Christmas tree from last year. 

I decided to make a trio and I just wanted to share the latest of my glue gun burns.
  Being snowed in is kind of a blessing. 
  I'm forced to spend time with my favorite torture tool; you guessed it, my glue gun . 
This is the start of my trio; not finished of course as I like to stay true to my name....Feral Turtle

I used some single ply cardboard and rolled it into a cone.  it's secured with a bead of hot glue and packing tape.

A circle of heavy double ply cardboard was attached to stiffen the bottom.  Again, secured with hot glue

When paint is left for awhile, it tends to harden.
 Being snowed in creates many challenges like eating questionable science experiments in your fridge..
or softening some gummy paint that had to be cut out of it's container.

Covered just enough so the cardboard won't show through.

My faux green apples are put to use!

I cut them all in half.

and started gluing them on.  That's as far as I got yesterday.  I need a few supplies to finish her off, but that requires travel which at this point, as you can tell from the picture below, is pretty much impossible!
The entrance to our driveway yesterday!

Hopefully my next post will be of a trio!

P.S.  No food poisoning yet......


  1. Awesome on the no food poisoning LOL the tree look fantastic, those apples are so life like.

  2. Your faux apples look amazingly realistic. I love that tree from last year. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see your trio of trees. Until it recently warmed up a bit we had too much snow, but still not as much as you. Winter has been seriously kicking fall's butt since the first week of November.

  3. Here's my advice...Always do the sniff and eyeball test before eating anything questionable....and make somebody eat it before you, and then eat it yourself. I love the look of these trees. Beautiful! I can't wait to see the trio.

  4. How beautiful, I can't decide if I like the red apples or the green the best. I think I would use the green in a lot of summer table arrangements too. Your snow is beautiful-we never get that much here in the South. Hope you get thawed out soon.

  5. It's so pretty against the snow.... and my, how much snow you have!! I have to admit I'm jealous! It can be so fun to be snowed in. It's the traveling in it that's the challenge. The crisp red apples against the white snow is beautiful, but I'm really liking how your green one is coming along. I can't wait to see the trio. Red or green, your apples trees are so classic, I would love to have these!!

  6. Oooh! That apple tree is beautiful! I don't think I was here last year for that one. I certainly would have remembered it! I think it's so worth those nasty gun burns ;)

  7. Ahh...very cool. Original. I haven't seen that. And I haven't had any wine.
    But that sounds like a good idea!

  8. Genius, genius, GENIUS!!! I love this!!!


  9. Génial, voici de très bons conseils de constructions de compositions pour Noël!
    Très joli post!
    Merci de ta visite et de tes gentils commentaires sur mes pages, Merci.
    Très bon week-end.

  10. The idea is perfect! Apples are said to be the first ornaments used on Christmas tree in Eastern France

  11. I love it Karen! It's going to be beautiful! I would never have thought of cutting them in half, which means I drank to much wine to remember it from your other tree post! Don't you have snow shoes? Or Cross Country skis??

  12. Tes photos sont toujours merveilleuses et je voyage grâce à toi !
    De belles photos. Je suis revenue te voir de mon blog peinture pour bien sur suivre tes publications de mes 2 blogs.
    Bonne soirée à toi! Cath.


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